June 2015 Locally Owned 1

Vom Fass of Scottsdale

When Louis and Melisa Conti escaped to Sedona for a quiet weekend to themselves, they never would have guessed that a bit of window shopping would end up changing their lives. But strolling along the Tlaquepaque Village they entered a shop called Vom Fass that featured gourmet vinegars, oils, spirits and liqueurs, and knew right away that it was something they wanted to be a part of. Louis has a well-established dental practice up near North Mountain and Melisa had recently begun a new career as an accountant, retail was not something that the couple had ever anticipated getting involved with. But as they investigated investing in their own franchise and bringing it to Scottsdale, they realized that this was worth taking the risk and in November of last year, Vom Fass Scottsdale opened up for business.

Translated from German to mean “from the cask,” one of the unique characteristics of any Vom Fass shop is the fact that all of their products are displayed in vessels which allow them to be dispensed and sampled. Vom Fass employees serve as both educators and tour guides as customers make their way through their selection of hand-crafted, small-batch products. And with the ability to sample things they might otherwise not have been willing to purchase, many leave with something they might not have considered buying before stopping in. Having grown up in an Italian family which was centered on amazing food and drink, the high quality of all of the Vom Fass products was one of the main reasons which drew the Conti’s toward the brand. Their fruit vinegars are fermented directly from the fruit, not from juice or other additives being blended in, which is rare to find. And the spirits are all small-batch runs which are purchased by Vom Fass to be sold exclusively in their stores.

“I had a woman in the other day and explain to me that her husband only buys his scotch from Scotland when he makes it over there,” says Melisa. “I let her know that we have a bottler in Scotland that selects casks for us who bottles them or blends and bottles them right at the source. When she realized ours were not mass-produced products and that they were brought over here just for us, she ended up buying a gift for her husband.”

The Conti’s have been able to turn their shop into a true family business. Melisa oversees day-to-day operations, while both their son Natali and their daughter Reina work at the shop. Louis has maintained his dental practice but has been able to shift his schedule around to where he also is helping customers almost each and every day. Looking down the road, the Conti’s hope to open at least one if not two more stores in the Valley, and continue to share with their customers their love of their product and level of hospitality that they fell in love with during that fateful trip to Sedona.

“Everything we offer, we source directly from its producer,” adds Ben Meinen, the director of development for Vom Fass USA who was in town recently for a visit at Vom Fass Scottsdale. “It’s a very ethical way to do business, but it also ensures that we have the best quality from the time that it is an olive on a tree to when it comes into the shop, or when it was a single barrel of Scotch sitting on a warehouse in Scotland to when it’s poured into a glass.”

Vom Fass Scottsdale is located within the shops at Scottsdale Waterfront, where they are open and offering complimentary samples of their products seven days a week. More information on their products, events, or the company can be found by visiting their website at VomFassUSA.com or by calling the Scottsdale location directly at 480.699.1099.