Beauty With a Real Body 2

Empowering Women Through Fashion


Owner of Alis Fashion Boutique in Scottsdale and bespoke designer Lana Gerimovich, along with photographer Bethany Garvey, sit on a delicate white leather seat perfectly at ease, ready to discuss their new Beauty with a Real Body Campaign.

“I am a bespoke designer, which means I do measurements and guide by the parameters of the body to create style. Unlike customizing existing patterns as ‘custom made,’ ‘bespoke,’ starts from creating a new pattern based on particular measurements of clients. After measurements are taken (sometimes takes up to 35 points of the body), I create the designs, source the quality fabrics mostly from Los Angeles and New York City, and then a prototype dress is made in inexpensive muslin fabrics first as a test. After that, I craft the dress with quality couture, designer fabrics, which is very expensive,” shares Gerimovich.

“But now, I have started to realize that women are more focused on the models instead of the clothing, and are getting more lost in trying to find their personal style.”

This observation was the driving force that led her to found the Beauty With A Real Body Campaign. Gerimovich, along with Garvey and model Lexi Placourakis formed a dream team of passionate Arizona women to head the campaign aimed at inspiring women to rediscover their personal sense of style and once again love and embrace their natural bodies.

“Lana had this really clear vision of the message she wanted to send because that is her everyday life: trying to break that idea that women have to fit into the clothing, but that she can make the clothing fit to them,” shares Garvey.

For Gerimovich too, it is all about the message.

“Message is basically equal to education…you give knowledge, you share, you educate and then you start to see results,” she says.

To further spread that message, the women set up a stunning photo shoot at the Arizona Grand Resort with Placourakis modeling a vibrant collection of summer-inspired wears to showcase how women can be both beautiful and confident with their bodies without feeling the need to hide anything.

“It was so fun working with Lexi. I love working with a team of people because I believe that when you bring a group of creative people together—women in this case—all working together, that it really elevates your work. It was a true collaboration,” recalls Garvey of the shoot.

Up next for the campaign, an elegant, luxury living-inspired photo shoot that focuses on the many roles woman play in life, giving other women a glimpse into the beauty and confidence that can shine through each and every single one of them.

As Garvey puts it, “It really is all about accepting and celebrating those things that you really love, and letting the clothes speak for you.”