Claudia Partovi

The Real Estate Expert Shares Her Insights On Buying a Home in Phoenix


How did you get your start in real estate?

I grew up in west Los Angeles and used to bike past beautiful homes all the time. Since then, I have always wanted to work with homes in some manner, but chose to go into civil engineering instead. Years later, here in Arizona, and once my children were in high school, I decided to revisit my passion and entered the field of real estate.

Will you tell a little about Berkshire Hathaway?

Berkshire Hathaway is a leading real estate firm built upon the same brand and success of its founder, Warren Buffet. It offers a diverse set of real estate services and works closely with title agencies and lenders to provide a seamless experience for its clients. One of its greatest assets is its powerful marketing arm, which helps promote its homes both locally and nationally. I am very proud to be a member of such a company. My personal area of expertise is focused upon the luxury home market for the exceptional buyer or seller. I have a keen eye for construction detail and am able to highlight the key and unique features of a home for my clients.

What advice would you give to families looking to buy a home?

Every home exists within the context of a community. As a realtor, my role is to help families identify the community, and home, that fits their unique lifestyle. For example, families with children have certain needs. They may want to be in a certain school district, close to work and/or school and close to extracurricular activities. They may also want to live in an area that is convenient for their family, such as close proximity to sports complexes for after school activities. Also, easy access to highways and shopping centers are factors that families with children look for, too. As an agent, I make sure all these factors are considered, and even if they are not mentioned or asked for, I will bring them to their attention.

What are some of the most important things to remember while searching for a home in Phoenix?

We live in a dry and warm climate, therefore outdoor living is ideal here. It is important to note if a house has a great outdoor living space that is covered in the right direction to optimize shade. It is also important to have the right desert landscaping that works well for all seasons, so the house looks beautiful and lush all year long without costing too much for maintenance. Moreover, we have various hillside communities, and for some buyers it is important to reflect on the pros and cons of choosing a flat lot versus a hillside home.

What is the best time of year to buy a home in Phoenix?

Definitely starting in October would be the best time to buy a house in the Phoenix area since inventory would be high. Sellers know that there will be snowbirds coming to town wanting to buy a place. Also, people usually change homes before the winter holidays so our market gets saturated with them. Most homes look their best by October since our weather becomes more ideal and all the landscaping gets refreshed after the summer heat.

What makes Phoenix an ideal location to buy a home?

Phoenix is a fast growing, relatively young metropolitan area with much land. As a result, homes are generally on ample sized lots, which lends itself to great family living. Moreover, the weather during the school year is wonderful, so families can easily maintain an active lifestyle throughout the educational year. Also, the northern parts of Arizona offer relief during the summer months and provide a place where individuals can escape the heat for weekends. During the winter, Phoenix is only a few hours from the ski slopes. Taken as a whole, buying a home in Phoenix lends to a diverse lifestyle that isn’t typically considered. Moreover, the city itself is fairly new with wide streets and ample parking. We do not have traffic like other big cities comparable to our size. We also have some of the best restaurants and shops in town, all within close reach.

Have you seen any recent changes in the local market?

Greater Phoenix has attracted many sophisticated buyers from all over the nation. This has greatly impacted our city by making it a top destination to live. We have seen amazing architecture, sophisticated interiors, and a wealth of people making this city their main residence and not just a winter destination. The house prices have gone up and are still climbing, especially in the central locations of the city, as more people discover our beautiful city for their next home.