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The Noble Beast is your local one-stop pet shop for everything from food and health products to doggy yoga.

For many people, pets aren’t just animals to have around the house, they are loyal companions, enthusiastic playmates, dedicated listeners and an integral part of the family. That is exactly how owner of the Noble Beast in Phoenix, Alison Chandler, felt when she first bought a puppy while battling some health issues. As Chandler focused on her own well-being, she did the same for her pooch—who came with some very strict feeding instructions. As a faithful animal mother, she would make the 45-minute trek up to North Scottsdale each week to buy food for her dog, until she realized that it was time for a change.

“After a few months of driving back and forth to go buy natural dog food I thought, ‘This is silly, why don’t we have something like this in Phoenix?’” she shares.

That got the wheels turning for Chandler, and after a couple of years researching pet food and products, she teamed up with her long-time friend, Marsha Vallee, to start the business. In 2007, the Noble Beast opened its doors as a natural pet food market, soon becoming a flourishing business dedicated to the well-being and happiness of pets.

“Our mission has always been to be able to offer healthy, natural products at an affordable price,” says Chandler. “We want it to be affordable and accessible for every one, and for every income level.”

Your One-Stop Pet Shop

Healthy pet food and treats, natural supplements and remedies, and a colorful collection of toys and supplies, the Noble Beast has it all—for cats, dogs and chickens alike. What started as a small food supply shop soon turned into a mecca for an array of healthy pet products as customers made suggestions and local pet companies would stop by to offer their products.

The ladies also do extensive research to find the best natural pet food and health supplies, and they don’t just sell any product in their store.

“We are very selective, we do our research, and we want to know where it’s made, where it’s manufactured, what the ingredients are, where they come from, and all of that,” explains Chandler. “It’s very important for us to know that, and we have been very fortunate to be able to do business with a good dozen local companies.”

And if you ask them what the best products in the store are or what they would recommend, well that all depends on the pet.

“People come in all the time and ask what our best food is, and my answer is always that all of our food is the best, it all really depends on the animal,” says Chandler.

Not only does the Noble Beast supply healthy and nutritious food for pets, they also carry a wide selection of natural supplements and remedies.

“We learn a lot about health products from the vets who shop here and rescue people because they really know a lot. They are always dealing with sick animals and are very wise about what works and what doesn’t,” says Vallee.

An array of holistic and herbal supplements line the store’s colorful walls—ranging from daily vitamins and hairball remedies to skin and coat products like fish oil. They also carry digestive enzymes and probiotics so pets can make the most of the nutrition they gain from their food.

“We think of our animals as humans, and we want them to have the same health and happiness that we strive for,” says Chandler. “When you have a better product, you get a better end result, a healthier animal that lives longer and doesn’t have to go to the vet as often.”

Bringing the Community Together

From the moment you walk into the Noble Beast, its small town charm will make you feel right at home— just ask Mayor Muddy, a rescue pug that eagerly greets guests as they make their way around the store. As the go-to spot for local pet lovers, you will most likely find Chandler or Vallee happily chatting away with long-time customers and friends about their pets, children and family.

“We wanted it to be like an old ma’ and pa’ general store where you come in and you know people and they know you, and you just talk about life,” says Chandler.

“People like to come in here and chat, and we’ve always wanted to provide that community, down-home comfortable feeling for people.”

They also do a wonderful job at bringing the community together for events and fundraisers, too. They hold pet safety and education lectures, have trainers come in on Sundays, provide anesthesia-free teeth cleaning on a regular schedule and bring in a vet clinic for shots, just to name a few. For the best of pet relaxation and bonding, they also have Doga (doggy-yoga) classes on a monthly basis and hold fun fundraising events like “Spaw Day” to pamper pets with free nail trimmings, paw massages and doggy ice cream.

“All of our events are free,” says Chandler. “But we ask for a donation because we like to give back to different rescue groups, which we rotate with on a monthly basis.”

On a Rescue Mission

As avid supporters of pet happiness and health, as well as community involvement, the Noble Beast contributes to a wide-range of animal rescue and rehabilitation centers.

“We really advocate for people to get animals from rescue groups. A lot of times people get puppies and then get exasperated because they are a lot of work, so they give them to shelters, and by the time they get there they are the perfect pet,” explains Chandler.

“Also, a lot of times they are fostered in a home, and those foster parents really understand the animals and can help you find one that’s going to fit into your life—they really want the match to work for everyone,” adds Vallee.

While the Noble Beast rotates the rescue shelters they help on an ongoing basis, they do work closely with a few smaller ones in particular. One of these is Poverty’s Pets, a local group that combs low-income neighborhoods looking for stray or abused animals. Another is Sojourner’s Center, which is a domestic violence shelter that just opened up a pet boarding facility.

Whether it’s through providing natural pet food and health products, hosting community fundraisers and events or giving back to rescue centers, at the heart of everything the Noble Beast does is a firm dedication to providing animals with a long, happy and healthy life filled with love.

“When people come in and say I have a pet with this problem and we offer them new products or food to help solve that problem, then they come back in a month or two and say the problem’s fixed, it is extremely rewarding,” says Chandler.

“A lot of our customers tell us thank you for being here and being here for us, and that always warms your heart knowing that you’ve helped somebody.”

It’s the satisfaction that comes from knowing they’ve helped someone and their pet that has kept Chandler and Vallee so passionate about making the Noble Beast a true down-home community pet center.

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