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Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles—You Name It and This One-Of-A-Kind Pet Sitting Service Will Watch It

After eight years spent in the pharmaceutical industry, Melanie Eich knew she wanted something a bit more satisfying out of her career. She had always loved animals, and realized that if she could shift her professional focus towards them, that she was bound to find that sense of satisfaction she felt was missing. With her strong sales background, she refocused towards selling pet supplies, which got her closer, but not close enough, to the animals that she wanted to work with.

Through those years, she had a plan in the back of her mind that she thought just might work. Through her interactions with people in the pet industry, and even pet owners that she knew, she recognized a potential niche for an in-home pet sitting service. Whether to help cover for a long day at the office or a week-long family vacation, she realized not everyone was a fan of traditional animal boarding services and thought she could offer an alternative.

Her solution was Any Critter Sitter, LLC., a fully bonded and insured, unique pet sitting service available to not only cats and dogs, but also ferrets, bunnies, fish, reptiles, and more.

“I really believe in the in-home care aspect, so I tailored the business to letting the animals stay where they are comfortable and happy, in their own environment and following their same daily routines,” explains Melanie. “I will work with the customer to create visit times that coincide with their pet’s regular feedings, walkings, medications, et cetera.”

All throughout the Northeast Valley—they can be seen running around Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley, Phoenix and beyond— Melanie makes sure that her clients’ pets receive plenty of attention, even while their owners are away. And since they are already stopping by to check on Fido, Any Critter Sitter also offers a variety of regular home sitting services such as mail pick-up, watering plants, or taking out the trash. Every situation is unique, so they work one-on-one to try to meet each of their customer’s needs.

In the beginning, Melanie grew her business slowly, mainly through word of mouth, while still working in the sales side of the pet industry.

“My first clients in those early days were people I worked with and some of my friends,” she says. “I then began to get references from many of the veterinarians throughout my sales territory that I had built relationships with. Slowly, they began to offer my services more and more, some even by posting them on their website, and it just started to take off from there.”

With an average day that starts before 6 a.m. and doesn’t end until after 9 p.m., it is safe to say that word is getting out about Any Critter Sitter. But Melanie knows that her unique services alone are just a small part of what her customers need to be at ease with leaving their pets behind at home. Hers is a business where communication is key in ensuring a true peace of mind.

Each prospective client is initiated with a complimentary meet-and-greet, where Melanie comes to the home to introduce herself to the family and animals. While there, she will talk over what each family needs and create a client record to document all of the details—from food and medication to the specifics of the home. While the family is away, Any Critter Sitter is happy to provide updates via text, including photos, so everyone can feel at ease knowing that everything is taken care of at home.

“We truly do have a strong love of animals, so the customer can be ensured that we are taking care of their pets just as passionately as they would,” says Melanie. “We are not just going in to feed them and change their litter box, we are going to treat them as though they are our own pets, and want to make sure that they remain happy and healthy while the rest of the family is away.”

For additional information about the services offered by Any Critter Sitter, including service areas and rates, please visit their website at, or call them directly at 602.421.1324.