Living the Pampered Life 3

Applewood Pet Resort provides compassionate and experienced care for our four-legged friends.


Large, lush manicured lawns covered with soft green grass, inviting climate-controlled rooms with comfortable beds and televisions, and a sparkling pool shaped like a giant dog biscuit. These are just a few of the many amenities that pets can enjoy during their stay at Applewood Pet Resort in Paradise Valley.

Clay Coady purchased Applewood Pet Resort in 1991, although the 2.5-acre property originally got its start back in 1957 as a kennel for poodles. After making some much-needed repairs and upgrades to the property, which had fallen into disrepair over the years, Coady re-opened the resort in 1992.

“I didn’t realize that there was such a demand from people who wanted to board their pets,” he says.

From puppies that need a safe and fun place to play while their human parents are at work and cats that stay for several days while their owners are on vacation to dogs of all sizes that come in to be groomed or to visit the on-site veterinarian at Applewood Animal Hospital, the flourishing resort is truly a one-stop pet care location.

“We offer boarding, and we have indoor/outdoor rooms and big suites—almost anything you could want,” says Coady.

“We offer day care for dogs and large outdoor areas where they can be when the weather is nice. We also probably have the best dog swimming pool in the United States— it has a beach-entry and is 18 inches deep and has fountains and water features. Dogs love it.”

“The employees who work at Applewood Pet Resort are all comfortable with their four-legged clients and are truly dedicated to their jobs,” remarks Bobby Chrisman, manager of Applewood Pet Resort. “You have to be a pet lover to work here.”

Pet owners can rest assured that their dogs will be well taken care of during their stay, and in the case of the swimming pool, there will always be a human in the water with them.

In addition, the dog day care groups are broken down by size, with playgroups for puppies, toy, small, medium, large and giant dogs. The dogs also go through a thorough introduction process to ensure that they will be comfortable playing with the other dogs.

Coady, who was originally a professional dog trainer, has worked with show dogs from all over the world and truly loves spending his days with dogs of all ages and sizes.

“We get some of the cutest dogs here. The dogs that come in have great personalities, and it’s really exciting to watch them in the swimming pool and group day care. They are really nice and happy dogs,” he says.

One of the things that helps Applewood Pet Resort stand out among the competition is the fact that the animals are not kept in kennels all day, but can go outside and romp around on the cool green grass at their leisure.

“They can play on our huge lawn area and never have to go on concrete or asphalt. They are taken outside when their rooms are cleaned in the morning, again in the afternoon and at night too, if their owners want it,” says Coady.

When the dogs are ready for a treat, the staff enjoys serving them Kong toys stuffed with peanut butter, sweet potato and molasses or peanut butter flavored pupcicles topped with a dog cookie.

General Manager Roberto de la Torre comments on the large number of people who come from all over the Valley and state to board their pets at Applewood Pet Resort.

“We’ve had people come in from Ahwatukee, Sedona, and all over,” he says.

“The people here also help to set us apart,” says Joanne Prellberg, manager of the animal hospital. “Everyone is trained to interact with animals and we are so super conscious of their health and well being. It’s been great to be affiliated with such a great resort and clients who really love their animals.”

Even though Applewood Pet Resort is consistently filled with happy dogs and cats—and during the recent Fourth of July holiday, a variety of parrots, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits—people who come in for the first time consistently comment on how they would have never realized that pets were staying there.

In fact, the resort is so clean and inviting that people who miss the word “Pet” on the sign have mistaken it for a resort for humans.

“It’s as pretty as any resort in the world, and we’ve had people who have tried to check-in themselves,” says Coady.

Applewood Pet Resort is located at 6909 E. Lincoln Dr. in Paradise Valley, for more information call 480.596.1190 or visit