We Love Our Furry Friends!

In the kitchen of my childhood home, hanging right next to the stove, was a small porcelain plate with a picture of a neat white house on it. Above that house engraved in silver were the words “Home Is Where the Heart Is.” For some reason I always loved that little plate, and over the years it grew to be a comforting presence for me, always reminding me that here, in my home, I was protected from the world. I remember staring at it blurry-eyed on my first day of kindergarten, finding solace in the words after a bad day at school, and finally holding it in my shaking hands as I prepared to leave for college.

Now that I have lived away from my childhood home for a while, I’ve had time to think about what really makes a house a home. For me, what makes it truly special is not the actual physical space, but the memories created within that space. Whether it be building pillow forts as a kid, staying up late with friends in a college dorm, furnishing your first apartment or bringing your own child back from the hospital, finding a place to call home is all about filling it with the people that matter most.

And there is no better time to remember the importance of having a house filled with love, laughter and lasting memories than Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday dedicated to filling the kitchen with the warm aroma of roasting turkey, catching up with family at the dining room table and cherishing all those rare, special moments spent with loved ones throughout the day.

As our November issue is all about the home, I invite you to take a peak inside a magnificent desert retreat tucked into the Mummy Mountains and find inspiration for your own home with expert interior design tips from Lauren Rautbord.

Until next month,