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Designer Lauren Rautbord Shares Her Secrets for Creating Elegant Interiors

Lauren Rautbord did not just choose to be a leader in the design world. She was raised for it from the very beginning.

“My mother was always one of Chicago’s most stylish and elegant women,” says Rautbord, co-founder of Paul Lauren Design Consultants. “From the time I was a little girl, I noticed all the little things she did to bring beauty to even the simplest things. Every table was dressed to perfection and all of our stuffed animals were positioned as if they were in conversation. She taught me how taste and refinement were not faddish, but classic and enduring.”

While that special childhood fostered her love of the industry, it was time spent honing her skills at the renowned Harrington Institute of Interior Design where she was able to transform that passion into a career. Shortly after graduation she had the opportunity to work alongside Paul Marchetti, an already established and highly-regarded Chicago designer. The two quickly realized that they complimented each other well, and in 1995 the Chicago-based Paul Lauren Design Consultants was formed.

“A well executed design should look collected, not decorated,” explains Rautbord, describing her own theories of style and design. She shares that her personal style can range from minimalistic to multilayered, and is usually characterized by a graciousness and understated beauty that she attributes to her Midwestern influences.

“I utilize clean lines and dramatic silhouettes but do so with an extremely neutral palette, without a lot of color or pattern to distract from the furnishings. The layering of fine fabrics, linen, cashmere, silk and leather creates a sophisticated, undecorated and more modern aesthetic. Restraint is key to keeping spaces uncluttered!”

Though Lauren was able to help build Paul Lauren Design Consultants into a premier firm within the Chicago design arena, on a personal level, there was something that continually pulled her to the openness of the American West. Over the years she established a second home here in Arizona, but as time went on it became clear that her heart was pulling her to reside permanently in the Valley.

After making the move in 2013, Lauren decided to hold off on opening a new office in the Phoenix area, instead focusing on first building a client base so she could organically discover where might be the best location to offer the most convenience for her clients. She immediately noticed a core of her business stemming from Silverleaf, DC Ranch, and the various golf communities in the northeast metro area, so locating her office in North Scottsdale only made sense.

In August of this year, Paul Lauren Design Consultants opened their new Arizona location just off of Bell Road, near the 101. In an effort to anticipate all of her clients’ needs throughout the course of a project, the space includes a large warehouse to help store furniture and other finishes on an interim basis, so clients don’t have to worry about the hassle of accepting deliveries or orchestrating offsite storage.

Lauren Rautbord is thankful that she has been able to craft a career that has allowed her to help people achieve their desire to make their home an expression of their individuality. Yet, with the abundance of resources and information available in magazines and across the internet, skeptics still constantly ask her why they should use a designer.

“Our homes are our personal sanctuaries, and most people care very deeply about how they create their interior space,” says Rautbord. “My first job is to understand what the client really wants and needs out of the experience. My second job is to educate them on the realities and complexities of the marketplace and working with contractors. My third and most important job is to translate that into a customized experience and business relationship that will be fun, fair, rewarding and successful.”

For more information on the company’s services, they can be reached directly at 480.664.6765, or by visiting their website at