Painting a Colorful Tradition

Bonner David Galleries Honors the Legacy of American Women Artists

For well over a decade, Bonner David Galleries has been helping define the Downtown Scottsdale Art District. Founded in 2002, Bonner David was the first in the city to introduce the idea of a duel gallery space, where they would have a dedicated area to represent both traditional and contemporary artists and works.

“We think you can mix those just as well as anything because everybody’s art taste is eclectic,” explains Clark Olson, one of the gallery’s founding partners.

Building a reputation for being artist-centric has been vital to the Bonner David model as well. Citing a trend in the industry toward the under-repetition of female artists in both museum and gallery settings, they made it a goal to try and consistently represent just as many female artists as they do male. That is also why it is fitting that Bonner David was selected to host the 25th Annual American Women Artists Masters & Signatures Member Show & National Juried Exhibition.

The exhibition will be on display from November 12-30, and will feature over a hundred works of art by members of the American Women Artists (AWA). There will also be three days of workshops taught by members of the AWA in partnership with the Scottsdale Artists School, as well as a free symposium open to the public at the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts that will examine the current state of the world of art from the perspective of women artists.

Kicking off the exhibition will be an awards ceremony hosted by the Museum of the West, which will not only celebrate 25 years of the event, but also honor three of AWA’s founding members, Arizona painter Joni Falk, Texas artist Donna Howell-Sickles and New Mexico sculptor Star York.

“This show just really seemed like the perfect opportunity to put our money where our mouth is by being able to showcase female artists,” says Clark. “What you will see at the show is the very best work from female artists across the country.”

For the silver anniversary of the AWA Exhibition, the event returns to its desert roots; the inaugural exhibit was hosted by the Tucson Museum of Art in 1990.

“Because this was the 25th anniversary, we knew we wanted it to be special, and we knew we wanted to bring it back to Arizona,” explains AWA Board President, Kathrine Lemke Waste. “Not just Bonner David, but everyone involved has just been terrific as hosts and in doing what they can to help our organization bring our members and our art to your community.”

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