London Scents

Jo Malone London’s Fabulous 
World of Fragrance

A true heritage brand, Jo Malone London has brought its exquisitely simple yet undeniably elegant fragrances to the Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix. Step inside the boutique, decorated with a mix of English classicism and modernity, and enter a whimsical world of bespoke fragrance. Crafted from the highest quality ingredients by master perfumers, each scent is meant to evoke a personal memory or a certain time and place, leaving a lasting impression. For example, the brand’s signature fragrance, Lime Basil & Mandarin, recalls the feel of a warm summer’s day spent in a blooming garden, while the warmer Wood Sage & Sea Salt is evocative of meandering along the quiet shorelines of a deserted beach on a chilly winter day.

Although stunning on their own, each fragrance is designed to be layered with others to create an individual, personalized scent. This entirely unique art of fragrance combining found at Jo Malone London is a truly transformative experience. Start with a base of body crème in a scent such as the newly-released Mimosa & Cardamom, a mesmerizing blend of honeyed, golden mimosa with hints of spicy, freshly-crushed cardamom. Freshen it with a spritz of a rich, poppy floral like Peony & Blush Suede for a bright daytime scent, or add warm allure with a spicier fragrance like Wood Sage & Sea Salt for evening wear.

If having trouble deciding which fragrance combination will work best, just ask one of the ever-helpful Jo Malone London stylists and they will help curate a one-of-kind experience at the Tasting Bar to find your signature scent.

Look no further than Jo Malone London’s Cologne Intense collection to experience pure perfume luxury. New to its assemblage this month is Orris & Sandalwood, a captivating scent recalling iris-dotted Tuscan hillsides mingled with Orris’ woody intensity and wrapped in creamy sandalwood and sensual amber to create a tantalizing allure.

Jo Malone London is known for curating a world of top-notch scents, however it is not limited to colognes alone. An entrancing collection of bath and body products including bath oils, washes, lotions and crèmes will leave you feeling refreshed for the entire day, while the line of home products, including candles, diffusers, linen and room sprays, allows you to curate the perfect ambience for your abode.

Exquisite fragrances, exceptional service and a quintessentially British style, all make up the heart and spirit of this truly remarkable brand.

For more information, visit or call 602.956.2376.