Beau MacMillan's Kitchen Essentials

Brought to you by Beau MacMillan, Executive Chef at elements at the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain

1. My Staff: We have a team of over 45 culinarians here, ranging from executive sous chefs, catering chefs and pastry chefs to line cooks and stewards. Every person here counts and has an important role.

2. My Engineering Team: We are a high-volume, 365-day, 24-hour operation. Our kitchen runs like a beast and has been known to take a beating. I’m lucky enough to have a killer engineering team that can fix anything we need quickly and expertly.

3. Cleanliness: I’ve spent my whole life in kitchens, whether on yachts, in five-star restaurants or world-class resorts, and all of these properties are amazing, but sometimes the kitchen can be a tight space, so cleanliness and organization are incredibly important.

4. Purveyors: This goes back to the common principle that if you start with amazing ingredients, you can create amazing things. Developing meaningful relationships with your purveyors is essential in the kitchen and helps ensure that you’re always working with the best ingredients possible.

5. Equipment: When it’s time to start cooking, you need reliable equipment that can handle the pressure you put on it. I’m lucky enough to work in a large kitchen with many different items that I use on a daily basis, including a smoker, a plancha, charbroilers and combi-ovens.

6. Kitchen Tools: All of my tools—from my knives to a simple potato peeler—are important to me, as they all help perform a specific job that’s essential to my work.

7. Cookbooks: Great kitchens have great cookbooks. We all need to aspire to something, and it’s fascinating and inspiring to learn about chefs from around the world and their philosophies, recipes and visions for food.

8. Music: I always say food needs wine like wine needs food, and music plays a big part in creating the right atmosphere for enjoying those two things.