Amazing Lash Studio 2

After years spent working for Massage Envy Corporate, Cheryl and Roger Cole were thankful for what they had learned, but were eager for something new, as well as something they could make their own. As it turned out, they did not have to look far.

In November 2014, they were introduced to Amazing Lash Studio, an eyelash extension studio founded just four years prior and was on the verge of serious growth across the country. The company’s new CEO, founder and former CEO of Massage Envy, was looking to incorporate much of the same business model to his new venture that made his previous company such an industry leader. Exactly one year later, the couple opened their own studio in Paradise Valley Marketplace.

After a trip to Houston to see Amazing Lash Studio for themselves, Cheryl and Roger realized that this was their opportunity to not only own a piece of something promising, but to get in early and be a part of shaping and steering the trajectory of the company.

“We were on the ground floor as far as the franchising part of it, and the growth-rate of the company is much faster than Massage Envy was at this point in their history,” explains Roger. “This is a service that applies to all age groups. We see mothers making a day of it with their daughters, and that’s just great!”

Amazing Lash Studio differs from most other eyelash services in that their service is not the strip-lash that is most associated with eyelash extensions. What they offer are individual synthetic strands that are individually applied to each natural eyelash, one-by-one, resulting in a look and feel that is completely natural.

In addition to extension services, Amazing Lash Studio also offers an extensive product line geared toward helping maintain amazing eyelashes, including styling wands, makeup cleansing pads, mascaras, and even a gentle facial wash.

As an introductory incentive, Amazing Lash Studio offers a first set of lashes for $79.99.  For those looking to maintain their lashes throughout the year, there is an opportunity to then join the membership program, which for $49.99 per month, includes one eyelash refill every 30 days, as well as discounts on other products and services, such as rewards for referrals. After being open just a few months, in January, the studio welcomed Nicole Miller as their 100th Member.

Besides a high-quality product, Cheryl and Roger are proud to say that their level of customer service also sets them apart from other studios. Since theirs is a proprietary technique, Amazing Lash Studio has an intensive two-week training course for all of their stylists, regardless of experience. Cheryl and Roger can then focus on hiring people who possess the right personality to fit within their culture of doing well by the client through a genuine desire to offer a great experience time and time again.

“They can have all the training, but what we want is that genuine caring, friendly personality,” says Cheryl.

“A full set can take two hours, and even a refill averages just under an hour, so our clients are in there for quite a while and it is important to have somebody who is able to make a good connection,” adds Roger.

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