Closet Masters 2

Family-owned and-operated is a great way to run a business, but for the Ostash family, who own Closet Masters, it is the only way.

“Our motto is Our Family Values Give You the Value You Deserve,” explains General Manager Kirk Ostash. “It just makes sense. We are honest people who care about everyone we deal with, and we pride ourselves by giving our customers the best we can.”

After an ill-fated partnership in 1984, Closet Masters found an unexpected buyer in 1993 when Kirk’s dad, Ron, made a surprising announcement.

“My dad never had any kind of construction background, and was working as a manager with Michaels Craft Stores, but always wanted to own his own company. He had a friend who had just bought a window and door company, and when their realtor told my dad about this place, that’s where it began.”

Kirk, who was a student at the University of Arizona at the time, received a call from his dad shortly thereafter; a call that would bring him back home and change his career plans forever.

“He called a week before exams and said, ‘Hey, I just bought a closet company.’ I didn’t know what a closet company was, because in the early nineties this was all new and the beginning of the whole industry.”

Closet Masters quickly added more Ostashes to the payroll, which now includes Ron’s wife Margie, as well as Kirk’s wife Monique, and Kirk’s brother Keith as his right hand man.

Closet Masters started off selling just basic wire shelving closets, typically found today in the DIY sections of big box stores, and quickly transformed the industry, if not lead the way, to offer high-quality storage solutions with a personal touch for a quality price. Offering much more than just closets, their portfolio includes entertainment centers, office systems, garage cabinets, pantries, and even kitchen cabinetry. A quick tour through their showroom will easily show where Kirk sets the bar of his family’s company in comparison to their competition.

“Their top-notch is our standard,” he adds with pride.

What allows Closet Masters to be so confident is that they have a track record spanning more than two decades for never sacrificing quality in any of their craftsmanship or installations. Their standard doors and moldings are made of solid wood, along with Dove-Tail joined drawer boxes. These standard features are the expectation rather than the exception. Each piece is equipped with soft-closing hinges and drawer glides that allow for soft and quiet opening and closing of doors and drawers.

The luxury of having their shop just behind the showroom is another benefit not commonly found when dealing with other companies, and something that Closet Masters is happy to point out to potential clients. Most closet contractors outsource their production and have to order their units piece-by-piece, with turnaround usually taking weeks.

“More and more, I am finding that our competitors are not making anything anymore. They just order it in from outside the state. We are not limited because we make almost everything ourselves, so we can really give each customer exactly what they want regardless of whatever style or colors they have throughout their house.”

At Closet Masters, Kirk simply manufactures their cabinets along with his brother Keith, and they can often be ready to install within days.

Closet Masters covers the entire Valley and beyond, but the heart and soul of their business will always be as close to home as possible.

“Paradise Valley and Scottsdale are where we are,” says Kirk.  “And these are the people that we love to serve.”