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Terry Roach Teaches How to 
Take Your Body to a Higher Level

Are you finding that you can no longer do what you use to do? Do you suffer from back pain? Are you recovering from an injury? Every one of us will eventually suffer from aches and pains due to using our muscles incorrectly and compensating by putting strain on other parts of our body. By becoming aware of your muscles and using them properly, you can increase your energy, enhance your quality of life and continue doing your favorite hobbies and sports.

Learning What No One Has Taught You

Terry Roach, CEO and owner of Body Stabilization Training, Inc., has dedicated her life to helping people connect to their muscles, allowing their injured parts to heal, improving their athletic performance, and getting them back to the things they love to do.

She received her Physical Education degree from Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas and became a physical education teacher, dance teacher and coach for 11 years. Earning her Master’s in Education from Arizona State University, she then became a Registered Kinesiotherapist. For seven years, Roach worked at the Center of Sports Medicine as the head of the Kinetic Therapy Department, dealing with clients such as the Phoenix Suns, among many others.

After having back surgery and still experiencing pain, she researched rehab programs across the country to develop and refine her own program. Roach began racing bicycles at 44 years old and won 14 World and National Masters track cycling championships.

She began her own physical therapy and kinesiotherapy practice in 1991, BST Inc., which specialized in backs and necks, treating the cause of injuries rather than just the symptoms. Her recovery from many bicycle crashes to return to high-level performances gave her deeper insight on injury. She has treated clients from 8 to 92 years old, with professions ranging from librarians to weekend warriors to professional and Olympic athletes to seniors. Former clients include Jack Nicklaus, Misty Hyman, Olympic Swimming Champions and the Phoenix Fire Department.

“Whether your goal is to recover from injury, to get back to what you love, or looking for the detail to take you to the next level of sports performance, this program will get you there. Make your life an exercise routine by moving with your muscles,” explains Roach.

Can you imagine the number of unnecessary injuries we could avoid if we had learned as children how to work with our body mechanics? Instinctively, infants and toddlers move correctly, yet as they grow older, due to lifestyle and age, poor posture and injuries begin.

Overcoming Injury

In 2011, while training on her bike, Terry was hit by a half-ton truck, sustaining injuries that would have killed a normal person. Fitness at the time of the accident and knowledge of how to move correctly has allowed her to recover and get back to an active lifestyle. The traumas she incurred from her accidents were three level neck fusions, a broken back, two knee surgeries and spinal cord damage.

Through Terry’s dedication and commitment, golfers have improved their drive 35-50 yards, athletes extend careers and take their game to the next level, and seniors can continue to enjoy what they love without limitations or pain.


Terry Roach, Concierge Body Mechanics and Sports Training Specialist

Operating out of the Sanctuary Resort on Camelback