Celebrate Your State!

As summer in Arizona is in full swing—with the heat at its highest during the day, coupled with those monsoons at night—many of us spend our days dreaming of California’s sandy beaches or Colorado’s breezy mountains; anywhere but here. So now seems like the perfect time to put a little reminder out there of what makes our state so great, even in the summer. What really sets us apart is the wide array of people who have settled here from across the country, taking their talents and passions with them to provide some really incredible handmade goods for us all.

Let’s face it, nothing beats homemade. From mom’s chocolate chip cookies (with an added dash of cinnamon please) to artwork made by your kids to that bespoke little handbag you picked up at a local boutique, there is something undeniably special about handcrafted goods.

This dawned on me just the other day as I was helping my dad unpack boxes at his new house. Upon the fireplace mantel, along with all of our family’s pictures and my grandma’s old wooden clock, stood a small green vase looking oddly out of place. I took a closer look. There was a chip at the top, the paint was fading and I could clearly see where I had gone outside of the lines—I was only about eight when I painted it.  “Dad, why did you put that vase out there?” I asked. “It’s so old.” He replied, “Because you made it.” Sure, that vase wasn’t as nice or polished as some of our picture frames and other antiques, but it held even more value because it was made with love.

In this issue, we celebrate all the wonderful people in Arizona who have followed their passions to create amazing and unique products, like Linda Lee Pratico and her custom pearl jewelry, Jan Kleinman and her bespoke Bootie Bagz and Sue Harris and her all-natural soaps.

Until Next Time.