Pearls of Wonder 13

Linda Lee Pratico Creates Wearable Works of Art

For years, pearls have inspired and captivated people from across the globe with their beauty and rarity. One person in particular caught by their charm was Linda Lee Pratico, who decided to turn these treasures into wearable works of art.

“My love of jewelry really started at birth,” says Pratico. “I was born into a family with parents who were real lovers of fine jewelry and art, so my collection really started when I was an infant.”

As her collection grew, so did her affinity for other rare stones.

“I’ve always thought that pearls were timeless and elegant, but now I have the opportunity to do something that no one has thought of before, which is mixing pearls with other semi-precious stones.”

All of Pratico’s bespoke necklaces are hand-made and knotted with the finest of materials and come paired with matching earrings. But what really sets her stunning creations apart is their versatility. Pieces can be fashioned several different ways via removable parts and adjustable clasps that allow them to be worn as both a necklace or bracelet. And it all starts with a single stone.

“I begin with the pearl or the stone and then think, ‘What else can I do with this,’” says Pratico. “I have a lot of fun creating my one-of-a-kind pieces and love being able to offer my customers options.”

Pratico certainly knows her pearls too, having earned a certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in pearl grading to ensure the quality of her line.

“I actually travel to China every 2-3 months to source my pearls and stones because I want to be hands-on,” says Pratico. “I’m my own quality control person and I sign and number all the pieces with pearls to authenticate them.”

From her signature every day pieces that pair equally well with a blazer and t-shirt or cocktail dress, to her one-of-a-kind custom creations that are fit for royalty, Pratico fashions each necklace seamlessly and blends the pearl’s classic elegance with chic, innovative design to create truly timeless jewelry.

Linda Lee Pratico’s custom jewelry can be found at or Kiss Me Kate Boutique


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