Good Time Charlie 3

The Dynamic Duo of David Cox and His Dog Charlie

There’s a good reason that dogs are called “man’s best friend.” They are steadfast, devoted and constant companions that love their human counterparts with such selflessness that it’s almost impossible not to get attached. Whether bought as a puppy or rescued as an adult, dogs have a way of seamlessly weaving their way into our families and hearts. At least that’s how it seems to be for David Cox and his dog Charlie.

A former Phoenix area banking executive, Cox used to escape the city’s hot summers for a month each year with his wife, traveling up to the Washington Peninsula. As time passed, however, the couple found it more in their interest to stay in Arizona year-round. That’s when Cox announced that he wanted to get a dog. With his wife’s blessing, and the help of their grandson, Cox began his search for the perfect pooch. One day, they alighted on a small Scottsdale pet shop that had some Havanese puppies in the window.

“They had three or four of them at the store and my grandson picked him. So we went into a little room, played with him for a while and decided that we would take him,” says Cox.

On that very day in August 2007, Charlie officially became part of the Cox family, and has been an important member ever since.

He soon became a best-loved part of the Stonegate community in Scottsdale, where the couple resided, as well, greeting neighbors with a friendly bark as he trotted along during walks or gazed out the windows of the front bedroom.

“There’s just something about him that attracts everyone,” says Cox. “Once, while we were out walking him, there was this lady driving down the street who stopped the car when she saw us and pulled out a rug from her backseat. She had made Charlie a rug, and he still has it today.”

That always cheerful, friendly demeanor that immediately seems to charm everyone he meets is at the root of his nickname, “Good Time Charlie,” which Cox affectionately calls him.

“I really kind of just made that up because he is just so happy around other people,” says Cox. “He’s actually more receptive to people than he is to most other dogs.”

Charlie has also proven to be an unwaveringly loyal companion and friend to Cox. After losing his wife last year, and upon moving to The Terraces of Phoenix (a pet-friendly continuing care retirement community), Charlie never left David’s side, their bond growing stronger with every passing day.

“Ever since then he’s been sleeping with me at night,” says Cox. “He’s really just [such] an affectionate dog.”

However, Charlie doesn’t just save his affection for David. Whether accompanying him on walks and grocery store trips or to Bible Study each week, Charlie greets everyone he meets with the same warmth and loving friendliness he constantly shows toward his beloved owner. And on those rare occasions when David does venture out without him, you can bet Charlie’s there to greet his friend the minute he walks in the door.

“When I come back he’s just tickled to death and jumps all over me,” says Cox. “He’s really just a great dog.”

The feeling seems to be mutual, too. When asked how he feels about David, Charlie is quick to respond with a playful bark and enthusiastic wag of his tail. Friendship truly at its best!

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