Through the Looking Glass 8

How Horses are a Mirror to the Soul

Chances are that you’ve looked in at least one mirror today. You’ve looked at your hair, makeup a few times, or maybe even took a look to see if your bum looks too big in what you’re wearing.

When we look into a mirror, we are actually looking for reassurance. We want to reassure ourselves that we look neat, young and presentable. With a regular mirror, we look AT ourselves, but we don’t look FOR ourselves.

That’s where horses come in. They have a unique ability to mirror and respond to a person’s behavior, energy and body language. A horse summons you to take off that personal protective armor and invites you to be vulnerable and real.

I have been riding and showing horses since I was a little girl, and I always sensed, but couldn’t articulate until later in life, that feeling that horses operated differently than us—they reacted to unseen energy and had the unique capability to read a person’s true emotions. They can tell if you mean what you say. They can sense whether you are expressing confidence, trust and receptiveness or shyness, fear and anger. We have all experienced a person’s energy just by sensing their vibes, but somehow horses can do it much better than us.

The connection we make with horses is truly extraordinary because it allows us to discover ourselves as we interact with them. They respond to positive energy and kindness, but if you’re nervous or guarded, they will act in mirror-like fashion. Then, when they finally feel your compassion and love, they will respond by rewarding you with the same, but ten fold.

This wonderful gift of being is exemplified by a horse. They are present at all times, sensing all that is around them: you, your scent, your energy, your moves, your feelings.

For a quick lesson in being present, simply feed a horse an apple. Watch the utter emersion as the horse fully experiences the taste, feel and sound of that apple. Then you will truly understand the depth of their attention and awareness.

Too often we miss important events in life because we are not fully present. As horses mirror our actions and emotions, we should equally mirror horses and live entirely in the moment, savoring all the richness of life.