Where Past Meets Present: Arcadia’s Nordon Manor

Nordon Manor has what many Phoenix homes sorely lack: history. Built in the 1970s to resemble a Pennsylvania farmhouse, the mansion is now receiving a massive upgrade and expansion to make it feel both modern and historic all at once.

The Past

But first, just how did an 18th century farmhouse end up in Phoenix? It all started when York, Pennsylvania transplants the Lo Piccolos decided that they wanted to bring a slice of the East Coast with them to Phoenix, which they did, literally brick-by-brick. Wood beams, windows, door hinges and other materials were all transported via railcar from the couple’s native state to Phoenix to build the home. After living there for more than four decades, the couple brought on the Mackey Martin Realty Group in 2009 to help revitalize and sell the historic home—the Lo Piccolos lived there until construction began in September 2016.

“They wanted somebody who would stay with them throughout the journey,” says Mackey Martin of the Mackey Martin Group. The group—a family-run real estate company led by Mackey Martin, along with with sons Kelly and Trey Martin—has been championing the project from day one.

“We’re one of the few family groups around here,” says Trey. “That’s what makes us kind of special. I think people enjoy working with a family.”

The Future

To assist with the selling of the home, the 4.16-acre parcel of land Nordon Manor rests upon was divided up into four different plots, with a new home planned to be built on each one—the main house and accompanying guest house will serve as the centerpiece. The finished product is tentatively to be called Nordon Manor Estates.

“The first thing I wanted to do was respect the DNA of the farmhouse, but resurrect and reimagine it as what I’m going to call a Western farmhouse,” says C.P. Drewett, founder of Drewett Works architecture firm.

To achieve this look, the exterior shell of the home will largely be preserved, and a 14-foot wraparound porch—a unique feature for the area—and an extended roofline will be added to the main house. In helping preserve the home’s historical feel, crown molding and trim profiles are being removed, sandblasted, and then possibly re-used in the remodeled home.

Right now, the entire manor is currently at 7,181 square feet, although it might get up to 10,000 square feet by the time the project is completed. The main home will feature four bedrooms, along with the guest home—which is being redesigned as an entertainment space— and will house an additional bedroom.

Other highlights include an elevator and a rare “Wall Street” exit—a way for a person to exit the home through the kitchen without disturbing others still sleeping—is also being constructed. Expansive glass windows will showcase the home’s breathtaking views of Camelback Mountain.

The other single-level homes will be designed to complement the “Western Farmhouse.” Each of the planned homes will have knockout views of Camelback.

“The view of Camelback Mountain is not a 10, it’s an 11,” says builder Sage Lentz of Sage Luxury Homes. “Your proximity to the best schools, best restaurants, best shopping is premiere. You’ve got everything.”

Besides the premiere address and stunning views, Arcadia also offers residents a strong sense of community. The Martins know the area well too, as Mackey lives in Arcadia and Trey and Kelly grew up there.

“You can borrow a cup of sugar in Arcadia,” says Mackey. “They all work collectively together.”

Much like Nordon Manor itself, Arcadia has a “unique ability to still hold the past, yet be in the present,” she says. “I don’t know of any other place that you can say that.”

The Nordon Manor renovations are tentatively slated to be finished in April or May of 2017. Although the completion date might change, one thing is certain:

“Whoever buys the main home is buying a one-of-a-kind home in Arcadia,” says Kelly. “There will be nothing before it or after it. They’re going to have the jewel of Arcadia.”


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Architect C.P. Drewett

Describing the soul of his brand as “purveyors of abstract thought,” architect C.P. Drewett navigates his field with a balance of free-flowing creativity, precision and resourcefulness. Dubbing himself a “dream weaver,” he says his favorite part of the job is the opportunity to share in the process of crafting a place his clients will call home. 7144 E. Stetson Drive, Suite 204 | Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | 855.373.9388 | DrewettWorks.com

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