A Bouquet of Gifts

A bouquet starts with seeds of hope and inspiration, and that is exactly what I have given in my book, In My Wildest Dreams. . .I Never Imagined This Inspirational Bouquet of Gifts. With humor, compassion, love and healthy doses of Southern charm, I share the stories of my life which shaped, challenged and inspired me to become the woman I am today. Readers will find that In My Wildest Dreams. . . is joyful, uplifting and inspiring— a testimony that the gifts in our lives come to us in interesting and often awe-inspiring ways; in different shapes and colors and scents, one more beautiful than the next.

My choices led me down an amazing road, from rural Texas to entrepreneurship and corporate boardrooms, and finally, to a life centered around philanthropy and giving back to those who face challenges and choices as daunting as those I faced decades ago.

Within my book, In My Wildest Dreams. . . I reflect on a lifetime of choices and the opportunities they offered me to learn and grow. My beautiful Mama, Francis, shared her wisdom with me through quotes and fables, along with her unwavering love, which was my foundation of belief in myself.  Then years later, my 23 inspirational words I gave to a good friend, Jane Seymour, who returned the favor by sending me a beautiful painting she had done, a Bouquet of Gifts, along with my Mama’s fables, ignited the passion within me to write this inspirational book.

For all women across the world, my wish for you is that you find your own courage, strength and motivation to move ahead from any situation you find unacceptable. I have two wishes for everyone who reads my book, as I hope it motivates them to never settle for less than they deserve in life and to never ever give up until they are living the life of their dreams, which, as I say, “Sweet Dreams.”

A portion of the proceeds of my book will benefit Debbie Gaby Charities and those in our community that we support.  You may secure copies anywhere books are sold and at DebbieGabyCharities.org.