Salt and Serenity 5

Sedona Health Spa Offers Innovative Approaches to Long-Term Wellness

While traveling up the winding highway leading to Sedona one will inevitably pass the small, quaint Village of Oak Creek. Here, popping out of the picturesque red rocks, lies a brightly-colored shopping center with storefronts in vivid hues of natural green, tan, red and orange housing a mix of eclectic, locally owned stores and restaurants. The Collective Sedona, as it’s aptly named, is the brainchild of Thomas McPherson, who envisioned a connective, community-like experience where both visitors and locals alike can come together to take in Sedona’s boundless beauty.

One of The Collective Sedona’s newest additions, the Sedona Health Spa, has taken McPherson’s vision for the complex to the next level. The quaint spa boasts a friendly, knowledgeable staff and features transformative mind, body and spirit wellness programs that channel the healing power of the red rocks.

“My vision for the spa is really looking into long-term, big picture wellness and how we can provide services that do that,” says General Manager Shawn Healy. “We want to help people with the things their bodies need help with so that they can feel good in their daily lives. To give them something they can take home with them and share with the people they come across.”

Along with being dedicated to providing big picture wellness, the Sedona Health Spa is unique in another aspect too; it houses one of the only salt rooms in Northern Arizona. The concept of salt therapy is a fairly new one, yet over the years has proven to work wonders for a wide variety of ailments, including everything from respiratory illness to skin issues to mood. The practice originated in the salt caves of Wieliczka, Poland after miners working in there began to experience fewer respiratory illnesses than those working at other sites.

“What they found was that these salts, particularly Himalayan Sea Salt and other mineral-based salts, worked with the minerals in our bodies to contribute to overall improved health,” says Healy.

And all it takes is one 45-minute salt therapy session to start feeling the benefits. Begin the treatment by stepping inside the salt room—a serene space with walls covered in shimmering pieces of light pink Himalayan sea salt and sunlight streaming in through a large window. Then, simply sit down, relax and let the salt work its healing magic.

“While you sit, our Halo Generator blows out these microscopic salt particles that you breathe in,” says Healy. “The idea is that these charged particles connect with your body to elevate mood and help with other health issues.”

Aside from salt therapy, the Sedona Health Spa offers a bevy of other treatments as well. These include massage therapy, Ayurvedic medicine and yoga, acupuncture and meditation classes, among others. All strive to incorporate the natural beauty and serenity of Sedona into their programs.

“It’s hard not to be induced into this state of mediation while you are here because it’s just so beautiful and stimulating,” says Healy. “And that’s what we want; to have people come in and just have that feeling of being settled and for all that visual input to be seamless.”

Yet for Healy, it really all comes down to fostering long-term, life-changing wellness.

“We want them to be their best selves, and half of that is physical and half of that is mental. So we try to provide services that interconnect to do that,” he says. “At the end of the day you have one life to live and we want to help people live their best.” Now that is true healing.

The Collective Sedona is located at 7000 AZ-179, Sedona, AZ 86351. For more information, please visit or