Portraits to Last a Lifetime 2

Selections From Chris Saper of Chris Saper Heirloom & Corporate Portraiture


Burton Silverman, Oil 28 x 28

Burton Silverman is an iconic New York City artist, as well as Saper’s friend and mentor. “Burt is truly a living legend in the portrait world,” she says. “He is one of four portraits I’ve done in a series of paintings to recognize and thank artists who have helped me or inspired me in some way along this journey.”

Janet Napolitano, Oil, 26 x 38

“This is a casual portrait of a former Governor of Arizona, a woman who loves to go to the opera when she’s not running the University of California system or, as in her prior role, trying to keep the homeland safe,” says Saper. “I’ve painted several portraits of Janet, and I particularly like this one because she showed me a side of her that the pubic rarely sees. Before I met her, I expected to find a formal, rather aloof woman, and instead found a warm, incredibly funny and smart woman who is absolutely passionate about opera.”

Denise Resnik, Oil, 36 x 24

Resnik is one of three founders of SARRC, a national model for the research and treatment of people with autism. She has also spearheaded First Place, a comprehensive residential and training community for adults with autism. “The Napolitano, Resnik and Silverman projects inspired me because I think they are each people who have spent their lives in the service of a fair and just society,” says Saper.

East Light,Oil 36 x 24

This is a portrait of Saper’s daughter, Alexandra, when she was about 15. “I love that age, where both child and woman are simultaneously visible,” she says. Saper has been painting her daughter since she was 18 months old. Alexandra’s now a 25–year-old attorney. “She’s been a willing model, constructive participant/critic and an all around old soul, who happens to be my muse.”