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RedRover Living Creates One-of-a-Kind, Personalized Spaces

Robert Shields, COO and managing partner at RedRover Living, loves to encourage his interior design clients to look within themselves when it comes to designing their personal living spaces.

“My advice to every client in creating their home is this: ‘Be yourself, everyone else is already taken,’ a quote from Oscar Wilde,’” he says.

Originally from Ajo, Arizona, Shields started out as a classical pianist and was highly trained in both music and art. Still, inspired by a childhood friend that he now works with, he couldn’t resist delving into interior design, and has since built a notable career in the industry both in the U.S. and abroad.

“My western background influenced much of my work, be it traditional or contemporary,” he says. “I have now returned to my Arizona roots to begin a partnership with my childhood friend, Barbara Hallum, and together we have started a new design business, based here in Scottsdale, called RedRover Living.”

While he can expertly put together an entire home, Shields admits to having a personal fondness for designing powder rooms and bathrooms.

“They [powder rooms and bathrooms] grant the opportunity to provide luxury, generosity and hospitality for your guests, as well as for yourself, in the most personal and intimate way,” he explains.

“The math and puzzle side of my brain loves the challenge of fitting all of the components together perfectly. The material resources available are unbelievable right now, and the artful use of flowing water always delivers a sense of wonder.”

With a passion for creating one-of-a-kind spaces, Shields is always willing to assist his clients in personalizing their abodes.

“Personal touches in a space, such as family photographs, object d’art, works of art etc., are essential in making a home,” he says. “I always encourage my clients to show me the things that they love and, if they desire, try and expand on them by helping to build a collection.”

Once a home’s interior is designed, Shields typically lets the design speak for itself.

“I generally don’t make major changes once I design a space until it’s time to completely start over, as every element used has been carefully considered,” he says.

With personalization in mind though, he does encourage his clients to change up the home’s artwork as desired, just to keep things fresh.

“I’m passionate about art and love to rotate artwork throughout the year,” he says. “Not only does the change in art bring a new perspective to any room, it also provides one the opportunity to expand their collection.”

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Gentleman’s Quarters

A Tour of Robert Shields’ Stylish, Modern Dwelling

The targeted lighting plan in these living spaces allows for elegant nighttime entertaining and brings focus to the art collection and design details. A warm palette of dark wood and bronze tones with sand colored walls enhances the color saturation in the artwork.

The custom designed, forged iron art hanging system, iron and glass coffee table, leather and nail head accents, and “diamond back” pattern in the drapery trim add masculine western overtones to this sophisticated yet intimate conversation area.

This very odd, L-shaped dining room presented a unique challenge when trying to comfortably seat eight for dinner. “I designed a large, kidney-shaped table to bridge the two areas into a single space that would accommodate eight fully upholstered chairs,” Shields says. The color palette is also consistent between the living and dining room spaces in order to expand the small rooms into a single, unified space.

“This restful bedroom takes me back to the elegant, smooth Palo Verde trees and golden Arizona sunbursts that are part of my heritage,” Shields notes. “I was raised with the largest Palo Verde tree ever recorded in my grandparents’ garden, which shaded a patio where I spent many lovely days growing up in Ajo.”

The on-suite bath is a synthesis of all of the elements, materials, colors and elegance of the entire home. “I love creating spa-like baths because it allows for the opportunity to create luxury in the most intimate and personal way,” Shields says.