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Berridge Nurseries Ushers in Spring with a Flourish of Flowers

It’s officially spring, which, for many, means it’s time to plant all the flowers, fruits and vegetables possible while the weather is still tolerable.

Even though continuous triple digits are just around the corner, Christine Fortman, owner of Berridge Nurseries, shares that there are still many plants that can bloom in the desert during spring, and year-round. Given that Berridge Nurseries has been in business for nearly 80 years, she is equipped with an abundance of knowledge on all things local flora and fauna.

“In 1938, my grandfather, Jim Berridge Jr., founded what continues today; a full service garden center with a commitment to providing the Valley with top-quality products and expert service,” says Fortman. “Berridge employees are some of the most well-trained experts in the industry today, many of whom have been with this nursery for more than 30 years.”

Berridge Nurseries grows more than 5,000 roses each year in more than 100 varieties, in addition to lush annuals and perennials, and herbs and vegetables. They also offer premium, often hard-to-find specimen trees, shrubs, cacti, grasses and bonsai.

“Seasons by Berridge is a home and garden décor shop that provides beautiful, trendy products that introduce new colors and textures with an emphasis on holiday designs for the home, and we have the area’s finest greenhouse that offers a full line of flowering and indoor houseplants,” she explains.

This month is a busy one at Berridge Nurseries. On April 1-2, the nursery will host the Desert Valley Orchid Society for its annual show and plant sale. Then, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., on Saturday, April 8, Berridge Nurseries will host its annual Art-in-the-Garden event, which “offers local artists a unique outdoor setting in the nursery amid flowering plants to display their artwork,” says Fortman.

The event will feature local artists’ painting, pottery, jewelry and more, alongside a farmers’ market with food trucks and cooking and gardening demonstrations.

To learn more about Berridge Nurseries and Art-in-the-Garden, please visit

Make the Most of Your Garden

Spring planting tips from the experts at Berridge Nurseries


The most common type is sweet basil, but all varieties want to be planted in a sunny, well-draining location. In the summer, four hours of morning sun is ideal.


Heirloom vs. Hybrid: A hybrid plant does not come from true saved seed, but rather is cross-pollinated 
to pick the best traits so it results in a variety that can have a bigger size and better disease resistance over another hybrid. An heirloom plant comes from true seed and can have greater flavor.


Hot weather performers: Plant these in well-drained soil, allowing it to dry slightly between waterings to avoid root rot. Fertilize every three to four weeks using a higher potash formula.


Easy to grow and often prolific: There is a wide diversity of bush and vining forms of squash that are grouped as summer or winter types, depending on days to maturity and harvest periods. The plants like to be in a sunny garden that is full of soil rich in manure and compost.


Great garden border plant: The dark purple flower of the Spanish variety grows low and wide, and has showy blooms in spring. French lavender has the more traditional gray leaves, weathers the summer heat better, and will bloom from October to May. Full morning sun in well-draining soil is recommended.


Continuous bloomer: A perennial flower that is best planted in a decorative container pot, as its abundant, petunia-like flower will cascade down the side.


Sun lover that blooms year-round: Removing spent flowers will prolong bloom time and help produce a fuller plant. Plant these evenly spaced in flowerbeds or pots for good air circulation, and in an area that receives morning sun.