Here's to Strong Women

May has always been one of my favorite months of the year. Back east, it was just about the time you could count on not getting any more snow! Summer was just around the corner with Memorial Day weekend in sight, but it’s Mother’s Day that has always been a long time favorite day of mine (other than birthdays!) It’s the day I celebrate my amazing Mom, as well as the blessing of being a mom. Of course, I have to give a shout out to my wonderful mother-in-law, as well. Without her, I wouldn’t have my incredible husband, Mike, also known as my new business partner!

Many years ago, a woman said something so profound, but it’s always stuck with me. She said, “Little did I know, when I gave birth to my daughter, I was giving birth to my best friend.” That’s how it’s been for me and my mom (I should mention I have a younger brother, that I adore, but this is our Women’s issue!) Although Mom and I haven’t lived near one another since I left for college, we’ve managed to always fill that gap with visits, trips, letters, phone calls (never frequently enough), attempted Skype or Facetime calls and now texts (so proud of you Mom!) Of course life gets in the way, but I know she’s always in my heart so she’s with me all the time. And that’s how I feel about my boys. They’re too far away (Chicago and Australia(!)), but I know they’re always with me. For the record, absence does make the heart grow fonder. Even when I think I couldn’t love or miss them more, I do!

I’m so grateful for the examples my mother set. Her dedication to her family, while balancing a teaching career (31 years!), was clearly evident and her ability to overcome adversities have resonated in my own life experiences. She’s inspired me, encouraged me and yes, at times, frustrated me. It’s a mother/daughter relationship, after all, but she’s always shown unconditional love and I’ve always felt it. Thanks, Mom, I love you!

As you turn the pages and settle in, the women you’ll see and read about in our Women’s issue demonstrate those attributes, a common thread that weave us together. From a bridal photoshoot to ambitious, driven, inspired and inspiring women, mentors and mothers. We’re honored to share their stories and give you a little closer glimpse of what’s inside. After all, it May just be the best month yet!

With gratitude and admiration,

Kat McMahon, Publisher