Making a Gentleman

Style Tips on How to Look Good While Beating the Summer Heat

The switch has officially been flipped on the desert heat, and residents across the Valley are doing whatever they need to stay cool. For the fashion minded, however, a little bit of hot weather is no reason not to look your best.

“The one trend I see this summer is that everyone is moving toward four-way stretch, both in pants and in shorts,” says Don Beale of At-Ease Fine Men’s Clothing located in Gainey Village.

In addition to stretch material, Beale also sees shorts getting shorter, with nothing below the knee.

“Long shorts have a tendency to make people look not only short but stout,” Beale says. “I suggest a three-finger rule, from the top of the kneecap up. That is where guys really want their shorts now.”

Knit polo shirts have long been a summer favorite, but full button-down knit shirts are starting to become a popular choice as well. And for those needing to go with a more formal look, a linen-blend sport coat is a wonderful option as it has the breathability of linen, but also resists wrinkles which 100 percent linen garments are notorious for.

“The short-sleeve shirt has always been an obvious and popular summer choice, but in the past it was always a looser, Tommy Bahama-style,” says Tom Simon of The Clotherie located in Biltmore Fashion Park. “This year we are seeing a move to a trimmer, more modern-looking short sleeve.”

Though it might seem a bit counterintuitive, Simon also suggests something made of a lightweight wool as being one of the coolest fabrics you can wear for pants, as well as cotton in your shirts.

“Just remember to lay off the starch—it really just stops the fabric from breathing,” Simon says.

Other trends such as no-show socks help keep a clean and minimalistic look, and a short-brimmed straw or even a Panama-style hat will help put the finishing touches on a style that will keep you looking good from head to toe.