Memories, Movers and A Man Cave

Luther Vandross had a song, “Dance with My Father.” It always makes me think of my dad. Not because it was popular when I was younger, or that we have a memory of dancing to that song, but because of the lyrics within the song.

I grew up in a musical family. Whether we were playing an instrument, listening to music, singing or dancing to music, it was always there. Mom and Dad would often sing, filling the kitchen with tunes I still can hear in my head and, of course, they’d dance. Boy, could they jitterbug! But what I hold close to my heart is dancing with my dad. When I was little, he’d let me stand on his feet, he’d twirl me around and I’d smile from ear to ear. I felt as light as a feather, safe in his arms and loved. I imagined dancing with him at my wedding. Unfortunately, I lost my dad the week of my wedding and never got the chance, but when I hear Vandross’ song, it takes me back to when we did dance and, although I miss him dearly, it makes me smile.

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful, courageous stepfather that was humorous, loving, a great singer—think Frank Sinatra!—and dancer. Although I didn’t stand on his feet—maybe an occasional stumble!—I can remember dancing with him and, at times, felt like my dad was right there with us.

Today, I have a man in my life that, although he doesn’t like to dance, makes me feel safe and loved. My husband, Mike, is a dad, stepdad and grandfather. I admire his integrity fiercely, and he’s an excellent role model in which his son and my boys have benefitted greatly from. He’s shown his devotion day in and day out. As a stepdad, sometimes referred to as “Stan” (a nickname my kids gave him), he’s wholeheartedly embraced his role, and for that, I’m so grateful and blessed.

As June is upon us, we think of summer vacation, the impending heat and Father’s Day. Here at Paradise Valley Lifestyle, our June issue is for the men. We’ve got movers and shakers, gadgets, cars, hot and cold drinks, attire, toys and the ultimate man cave. Wait until you see that!

So grab a beverage, find a comfortable place to relax and enjoy exploring what’s hot in our men’s issue. And, if you’re so inclined, make a memory and dance! Happy Father’s Day!

Warmest regards,

Kat McMahon, Publisher