Anya Bowman

Desert Dragonfly Holistic Healthcare and Massage

From luxury resorts to chiropractic centers and everywhere in between, Anya Fletcher spent the first 15 years of her professional life providing massage services all over the Valley. Regardless of where she was headquartered, however, she had always maintained her own private practice, which was the only time she felt she could provide her clients the level of service they would expect. So with the timing right in 2011, she decided it was time to go completely all on her own, and Desert Dragonfly Holistic Healthcare and Massage was born.

“When you work for someone else, often your hands can be tied in how you can interact and follow up with your clients,” she explains. “And it has always been my goal for my clients to feel that I am as invested in them as they are in themselves.”

Desert Dragonfly offers a full range of massage services, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports and hot stone. And though they do have an office in Tempe, they are a completely full-service mobile holistic health care company who travels to meet their clients when and where they feel the most comfortable.

“I want all of our clients to know that we are available 24/7,” Fletcher says. “I can’t always guarantee that they will get an immediate response, but I can promise that their message will be returned as soon as possible. It is not all about the hour or two spent getting a massage, but it is about being accessible and assisting our clients as they need our service.”

Full service includes more than just massage; Desert Dragonfly also offers a variety of energy medicine treatments as well as education with focuses on nutrition, life coaching, herbalism and even toe reading, which is based on the theory that your body holographically records the story of your life.

“We try to encompass a full mind, body spiritual and emotional approach,” she says. “The goal is to help our clients in all aspects of their life. Be it issues at home or issues at work, aside from relieving stress on the massage table, hopefully we can also provide some stress management techniques that can help as well.”

Desert Dragonfly Holistic Healthcare and Massage is located in Tempe but provides services all across the Valley. For more information on pricing and services offered, please visit or call at 480.788.5644.