Lasting Color 5

Benjamin Moore paints are the perfect solution to taking your home from drab to fab.

Few things can help to freshen up a look like a coat of paint. For those looking for something that looks good and lasts, however, not all paints are created equal. Whether it is a cabinet, a wall, an accent room or even the entire house, Benjamin Moore is sure to have the perfect solution for any painting project.

Most people begin their search for the right paint inspired by a color, but once they get it home and apply it to walls, furniture or any other surface, at that point the emphasis shifts toward a finish that is durable as well as something that can be scrubbed clean.

Made possible by their proprietary Gennex Colorant Advantage, Benjamin Moore is able to offer the industry standard in both color and durability.

“Typically, adding colorant actually thins and weakens paint, making it more difficult to apply and making the end product less workable and less washable,” explains David Rippy of Arizona Paint Supply, who is the exclusive comprehensive retailer of Benjamin Moore products in the Valley. “The Benjamin Moore coloring system actually helps to fortify the resin, which results in a more durable finished product and a more brilliant and longer-lasting color.”

This also helps to prevent premature fading, something that has long been an issue in the intense desert climate, even on richer and deeper shades.

Across their premium line of paints, Benjamin Moore generally offers three basic lines for select needs. Their Ben line is considered to be their most user-friendly and a perfect option for the DIYer who wants great results while minding a budget.

The Regal line is the most popular and considered to be the “workhorse” line offering a perfect balance of ease of application and durable finish, while the Aura line offers Color Lock technology which helps it to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Choosing the right line of paints depends on the project. The Ben line is perfect for a guest room that sees limited traffic, while the Aura is great for kitchen cabinets or bathroom walls that need to be able to take on the challenge of a bit of wear and tear, while Regal paints are perfect for most everything in between.

David and his team at Arizona Paint Supply are proud of their relationship with Benjamin Moore and invite anyone to come in and explore their display of more than 3,600 colors that the brand has to offer, and can even help match a color for those who cannot quite find just what they had it mind. From design through preparation and application, Arizona Paint Supply will help to make sure your next painting project is set up for success from the very beginning.

“People often don’t realize that when they hire a painter, only 20 percent of the cost is in the paint itself, while the other 80 percent is in the labor of repairing the surface and getting it prepared to accept the paint,” David says. “We are always happy to talk them through the process because sometimes they might have a high ceiling that they suddenly decide they do not want to paint themselves, and we can help them find a painter. Other people want to take on something challenging like painting their kitchen cabinets, and we will walk them through every step to make sure the end result is just what they want.”

Arizona Paint Supply is located in the Paradise Village Gateway Shopping Center at the corner of Tatum and Shea. For more information on their products and services or to schedule a paint or window covering consultation before the Arizona sun begins to have its say, call 480.757.2000 or visit