Holiday Traditions 7

Sharing Some of Paradise Valley’s Best Holiday Memories

Traditions connect us with family and history as nothing else can. One whiff of my mom’s sweet potato dish mixed with cinnamon and apples then topped with roasted marshmallows induces years of memories and jokes about it being the dessert we pretend is a side dish. But my new traditions are treasured as well. My husband’s family cooks a turkey in a pit the men dig together in the backyard and Thanksgiving includes piñatas and homemade tortillas. May you spend time with your family this holiday season, enjoy the comfort of old traditions and the joy of starting a few of your own.

Kristin Edwards | Van Leer & Edwards Insurance Services Inc.

The day before Thanksgiving, they have a competitive Turkey Bowl game with all 36 family members, spanning four generations. Kids and dogs are everywhere. The next day, playful banter about the game is always exchanged during their Thanksgiving feast.

Terra Pike | Tailored to you Home Management

Nothing says holiday to Terra and Dana Pike like rooting for the Phoenix Suns at a basketball game. Dana has been a ticket holder for about 35 years and going to games is an important holiday tradition.

Eric Luoma | Cactus Flower

Thanksgiving for the Luoma family means waking early to cook their favorite dishes, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in their pajamas, gathering around a festive table for dinner with family, and celebrating all they’re grateful for.

Kat McMahon | Paradise Valley Lifestyle

The location of the McMahon’s Christmas celebration rotates each year since their family is spread out across the country. But their tradition of wearing fuzzy, comfy Santa hats and playing an entertaining game called Fish Bowl is always upheld!

Andre Lugo | Green Goddess

The entire family comes to their ranch for a Thanksgiving feast of barbecued turkey and ham with all the trimmings. The six grandkids have fun playing baseball and making gingerbread houses while eating all the candy.

Cheryl & Roger Cole | Amazing Lash

The Coles’ Thanksgiving is steeped in family tradition. Their food is made from scratch and filled with love and memories. Grandma’s homemade custard pie and the dessert tagged “The Pink Stuff,” because of its mystery ingredients, make their Thanksgiving complete.

Joey Maggiore | The Maggiore Group

Joey and his father, Tomaso, do all the holiday cooking and in exchange, the ladies clean the disaster left in the kitchen. But they take time together to be thankful for family, friends and their love of food.