A Season of Giving

Here we are: December, the culmination of 2017. We’re asking ourselves, “How can it possibly be December?” Especially here in the Valley where temps in the 90s are still somewhat fresh in our memories! Yet we find ourselves reflecting 
on the year that is almost over. 

Without recapping all the events, we can certainly say it’s been a newsworthy year, filled with delight and disappointment. We’ll catalog our memories and make plans to embrace, improve or change what’s ahead in the new year. But before we do that, let’s celebrate December and bid it farewell with all the gusto we can.

In this month’s issue, we offer a variety of activities to consider. Looking to get into the spirit of the holiday? Make plans to visit “Arizona’s Christmas City,” better known as Prescott. A feast for your eyes, holiday lights will illuminate the historic courtyard and the sounds of the season will ring in the air.

As festive as the holidays can be, they can also be difficult for many, but helping others is a sure way to lift your spirits. One of Mike’s and my passions is giving back. Whatever cause or charity you support, giving back comes in many forms. We can offer our time, our talents or our treasures. Having this publication is a gift as it allows us the ability to showcase the plethora of wonderful charities in this area, and we’ve shared a few for you to get to know better. 

And what’s the holiday season without events that require some gussying up? Not sure how to dress? Check out our piece that helps you decipher what attire might be appropriate. Once you’ve figured it out, we’ve provided some places that offer opportunities to ring in the New Year.

I look forward to the days ahead as 2017 comes to a close. Mike and I will celebrate birthdays, spend time with beloved family and ingest the holiday fervor while being mindful of all of our blessings. And that includes you, our readers. Thank you for all you do. We’re honored and humbled to have such a devoted philanthropic community!

Wishing you the merriest of Christmases, the happiest of holidays and an abundance of blessings as we welcome and embrace 2018.