That's A Wrap 5

For The Givers Who Want to Turn a Gift into a Present, Here’s the “How To” on Wrapping like an Expert.

Like most things in life, presentation is key. Of course gift wrapping falls under this rule. Here’s our 6-step life hack to wrapping like a professional. So say goodbye to amateur presents plagued with gift wrap gap or crumpled corners, and say hello to perfection.     

| Pro Tip | 

Putting your gift in a box can help give you a firm work space for wrapping gifts and will avoid lumpy packages. Use sharp scissors and double-sided tape to achieve the clean look. Also, as we learned, it’s all about the creases. 



Cut enough paper to fit your package.  
A great cheat is to use gridded 
wrapping paper.


Double-sided tape is one trick to make our packages have a seamless elegance.


Tucking under edges and creasing firmly gives your package a nice sharp edge and polished look.


Folding in the sides is an important step that takes a minute to finesse—don’t rush this.  Hug the paper so it’s snug to the box, and make a sharp crease. Use the double-sided tape to make everything lay nice and flat.


Once your sides are in place, it’s time to cut your ribbon.  We keep it simple here, too – no bows or frills – just a flat angled edge, taped down.


Just where the ribbon edges meet we add a sticker to complete the package. If you’re wrapping at home, consider finding some fun stickers to add a little whimsey to your gift wrapping.