Confessions of a Coach and Confidant

Kari Burghardt, Online Nutrition and Fitness Coach 
Breaks Down the Importance of Balance and Humor

While fitness and nutrition coaching is Kari Burghardt’s passion, she admits that even she has cravings, indulgence days and hears stories that would make some people uncomfortable. Her raw and real approach to the client/coach relationship is refreshing, and she has had experiences that are chock-full of hilarity and humility. 

Kari admits that between her fitness coaching at The Body Shop in Gilbert and managing an online meal planning business with clientele all over the Valley, a healthy lifestyle is wonderful, but isn’t easy to maintain without some guilty pleasures and a good sense of humor. 

“I become such an integral part of my clients’ days that I get to hear the good, the bad and the ugly,” she says. “If a client is bloated, having women issues or feels, let’s say, stomach unrest while in the midst of their daily routine, fitness-related or otherwise, I hear about it.” 

That happens because she takes on more of a cheerleader role with her clients and tries to avoid just being their coach. She loves motivating clients through struggles and strives to pump them up rather than simply teach steps. Being a friend and trusted authority is a mix Kari takes seriously, so it becomes an easy and comfortable relationship; funny incidents come with the territory.

She also admits that in her own home, the confessions keep coming.

“You would think my kids would be amazing eaters, with me being a nutrition coach,” she says. “Nope. I have two of the pickiest eaters you will ever meet.” 

And she may partake in some jaw-dropping activities of her own—pizza and a pazooki (ice cream-topped warm cookie) every Saturday? Yes. And a few cocktails on the weekend? Also acceptable. 

“It’s all about balance and allowing yourself to have a treat,” she says.

With a workout routine in place and healthy meals prepped for the week, a client can afford to cheat once in a while. Keeping things real is a part of the job that is key for everyone, especially the fitness coach.