Tailored to You Home Management

Terra Pike, owner of Tailored to You Home Management, considers herself part concierge, part home inspector and part personal assistant. 
She ensures each home she manages is professionally cared for while clients are away. This career was a natural transition for Pike after years of managing luxury condominium complexes and master planned communities.

“I worked with building engineers while managing residential high-rises, and I understand that my clients want everything to run perfectly and look immaculate,” she says.

Her usual weekly tasks include running water through the pipes, testing major appliances, checking the Wi-Fi and satellite or cable, looking for evidence of leaks and termites, inspecting pool equipment and landscaping, and securing window and door locks.

Quarterly, she replaces air filters and burnt out lightbulbs. She’ll meet with landscapers, pool vendors or exterminators when needed. She’s well-acquainted with smart homes and does night checks on a regular basis to confirm the lighting is working.

“My clients do not want to come to their vacation home in Paradise Valley and have to be involved in maintenance concerns,” she says. “With their approval, I have all the work taken care of before they arrive back, so all they have to do is enjoy.”

Pike arranges services such as housekeeping and landscaping. She stocks the fridge with fresh fruit and veggies upon request. Some of her more unusual tasks have included picking up after coyotes, disposing of scorpions, photographing bobcats and escorting lizards out the door.

“It’s a great fit for me with my real estate, high-rise management and HOA background,” she says. “I’m a detail-oriented person and check every mechanical component of the home carefully so that I can find a minor problem before it turns into a major dilemma.”

She works closely with homeowners and updates them after every visit. Pike typically spends about one to two hours a week at each home, depending on the square footage. She charges by the hour. Occasionally, her husband, Dana, pitches in with minor handiwork, but typically she’s a one-woman show.

“I don’t think of your house as a property. I think of it as your home, your castle and pride and joy,” she says. “I make sure everything inside and outside of your home is flawless.”

For more information, visit TailoredToYouHomeManagement.com or call 602.501.1813.