Uptown Construction Excels in Capturing a Family’s Lifestyle

According to Bill Knutson, owner of Uptown Construction, getting to know the people and the community they live in is key to building successful custom homes. 

“You need to know the people you are building homes for, so to live, work and be a part of the community here in Arcadia it’s the best way to do that!”

Bill lives in Arcadia with wife Angela, son Liam, daughter Nora and soon-to-be-born son Rowen.

“I am a family man. I love my family,” he says. “My kids are young now, but they will go to school here. Our offices are here, as well as most of our homes. I drive three minutes to work, less than five minutes to any of my projects. I enjoy living in this amazing place every day.”

Bill says Uptown Construction strives to build homes that capture a family’s lifestyle.

“I enjoy meeting families, seeing how they live and building a home with a lifestyle around it. It’s my favorite part of the process.”

According to him, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where the family can gather, make meals and spend time together.

“When we are designing houses, we usually start with the kitchen because it’s the heart of the home,” he says. “The kitchen generally opens to the family room and the living room, which allows you to easily move throughout the house.”

The master bedroom area is another important part to focus on when designing a home.

“There are different ways you can split the master. In this house is not left to right, it’s front to back,” he says. “On one side of the house, there is a living space. On the other side, there is the bedroom wing with the master bedroom and an office area and then a hallway for the kids and other guest auxiliary bedrooms.”

The backyard entertaining space is also vital in today’s homes according to Bill. 

“This home is very unique because the yard wraps around the two sides of the house. There is a master-covered patio, then an entertaining area with the pool, fire pit patio with outdoor kitchen and then a storage shed on the other side of the house, as well as a fireplace that allows you to walk and have dinner at the Henry.”

Uptown Construction gives their customers feedback about the lot and its benefits, helps set up financing, oversees the construction process and works with interior designers. 

“We help manage your dream team for your new home and ultimately, we help you create a space where you might spend your next 5, 10 or 20 years, which is really cool and rewarding at the same time,” Bill says.

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