How to Accessorize Your Shelving Units

When decorating modern shelves, think about functionality and style. If your shelves are in the dining room, for example, select items that serve a purpose such as trays, plates and wine glasses. If they are in the living room, you can use cute boxes, books and candles. Then add some interest with pieces that reflect your personality and taste. In this case, we used an Americana lantern and fun letter light. You may also want to display decor from past trips or local finds. We’ve included some antiques from the Merchant Square Antique Marketplace such as a silver bell snuffer and two navy blue vases. You can fill out dead space with frames, mirrors, wreaths or dried floral. We purchased white frames, mulberry branches and lotus pods stems from our local craft store. Finally, keep it fresh with greenery. We included a succulent garden and small plants from our local farmers market. Try to maintain a theme with similar colors, shapes and materials. Overall, have fun!