When I thought about what to write in this month’s letter knowing it’s the “Home” issue, three things popped into my head: the saying “Home is where the heart is,” Michael Buble’s rendition of “Home” and Dorothy’s famous statement, “There’s no place like home.” They all conjure up a feeling of comfort for me.

“Home” for me has been all over the United States—including Kansas! This was my 12th move since college. (It’s no wonder I have a hard time sometimes remembering names!) Every place holds special memories with family, friends and friends that became family. 

I’ve had many styles of homes–even designing one—and a plethora of countertops, lighting fixtures and wall colors, from traditional to trendy. This time around, it took Mike and me almost nine months to decorate and find just the right items as we sold most of our furnishings before we moved here, and decided to start fresh. Fun, but not an easy task!

As you turn these pages, see what our writers uncovered. Why does Arcadia builder Bill Knutson believe the kitchen is “the heart of the home”? Where can you find some unique home furnishings that complement man caves or potting sheds?

And speaking of kitchens, try recreating a special family recipe from local executive chef Joey Maggiore, of The Sicilian Butcher. Can you say “delizioso?”

May this issue of Paradise Valley Lifestyle inspire you to look at the heart of your home and provide you with a sense of comfort. Enjoy!

Kind regards,