Singh Urban 
Farming 17

Community Farmers Market

Ken Singh, a farmer and entrepreneur of Singh Farms and Singh Meadows, is passionate about cleaning up toxic dirt. He has transformed a plot of barren desert and a chemical-laced golf course and turned the dirt into healthy, toxic-free soil. Ken’s secret is the compost he developed that puts nutrients back into the earth. He’s been so successful doing this that universities, cities and companies seek his advice.

Ken’s family migrated from India, and he grew up working with his father on the family farm planting and harvesting crops. However, as he grew up, he didn’t feel farming was his future, and he left to pursue his own dreams. Years later, after a successful career, he was drawn back into farming and acquired a plot of land on Thomas Road and state Route 101. He wanted to grow healthy food for his family, and his hard work and magical compost transformed the dead dirt into an organic farm.

“The condition of the earth is the condition of our health,” he says. “A lot of folks are sick, and they need to be more aware of what they are eating. Food is medicine. Your body is more valuable than anything else you own. Protect it with what you put into it.”

Giving Back

Ken started sharing his organic produce with the community at Singh Farms at a farmers market that was open on Saturdays, where the public could purchase fresh organic produce, engage in cooking demonstrations or relax in the tranquil atmosphere that he and his wife, Lee, had created.

They outgrew that location, and, early last year, opened Singh Meadows, converting the 30-year-old Rio Salado Golf Course into a farmers market and community center. They created a haven where families can come to a healthy atmosphere, relax on the grass and enjoy a healthy snack or meal.

It took three years for Ken to flush the chemicals out of the dirt, make walking paths around the pond, install a 400-foot well, put in new sprinklers, and feed the dirt his compost. He is still adding and creating to this wonderful, healthy oasis.

“I’ve cleaned up the pond, added fish, a walking path, fire pits and more, so families come and enjoy good food and nature,” he says. “For a couple of hours, they can relax and forget they’re in the middle of a busy city.”

Singh Meadows is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday to purchase fresh fruit, vegetables, freshly made bread, honey, apple butter, jams, spreads and more. It’s a place to linger and enjoy freshly squeezed juice prepared by his son, Kehar, or a cup of organic coffee. The bakery and café have tempting delights and meals prepared by talented chef and baker Dan Medlen and his brother, Joey Zarroli. Sit outdoors around the pond and enjoy the beautiful setting. Watch the children and families play on the healthy green grass. And, you’ll probably see Ken working and stopping to greet visitors. He likes to explain the importance of good earth, and he makes his compost available to the public. It makes him happy to see people enjoy what he has created.

Singh Meadows is more than your typical farmers market. It was created to have a community feeling for families to enjoy and learn the benefits of healthy soil that grows healthy food available at the market. One of Ken’s missions is to encourage people to start growing their own healthy food. His urban farm is an example of how nature works and the delicious, healthy food it produces. Each one of us can take a closer look at what’s around us and try to take steps to protect Mother Earth. By cleaning up the soil, water and air, we’ll be creating a healthier life for our families.