May. It’s when we at Paradise Valley Lifestyle focus on the “Women’s” issue. A time when I, as publisher, get to share how honored and blessed I am to be surrounded by such great influencers and those that touch my heart in this community.

It’s no secret that there’s an abundance of amazing women in this area. We’re so fortunate! Yet, as you delve deeper and learn about a few, be sure to embrace what makes each unique, what gifts they possess, and how we, as women, can inspire and support each other. 

Why not nurture that with a girls getaway or some NYC shopping with a designer right here in the area? How about a room or house makeover? And meet a mother and daughter that both have found success with their businesses.

My favorite part of May, though, is Mother’s Day. I love being a mom, and I adore my mom. Having lived in separate states since college, I’m thrilled she’ll be moving here soon. I can’t wait to share with her all the incredible women that make up this area.

With admiration, here’s to you and happy Mother’s Day!

Kat McMahon, Publisher