Men Making an Impact 6

Meet 4 Local Male Movers + Shakers


Larry Lytle, First Vice President of RBC Wealth Management

Larry Lytle’s path into wealth management was long but intentional. Sixteen years ago, he and his father reflected on the question, “If there were no barriers, what would you do with your day?” This led to monthly meetings to discuss potential careers.


“It was an amazing process. There’s a book in there somewhere,” he says.


As a financial adviser, he develops deep relationships with his clients and provides them with the tools needed to pursue their financial goals. In the market, he says, everything matters, and that’s what makes it exciting.


“From celebrity tweets to technological advancements, it requires my engineering brain, my psychology brain and my history brain to all work together.”


Larry is currently helping his brother launch a foundation for his company, Equality Health, and has done boots-on-the-ground work in some of the roughest neighborhoods in Phoenix and Indianapolis.


He’s also involved with Florence Crittenton, a nonprofit that aims to empower young women.

Peter Fine, CEO and President of Banner Health

To say that Peter Fine is busy is an understatement. As president and CEO of Phoenix-based Banner Health, he is at the helm of one of the nation’s largest secular, nonprofit health care organizations—one that employs about 50,000 people, has $7 billion in revenue and is Arizona’s largest private employer.


He started his career in health care administration because he wanted to “use my undergraduate management focus in a profession that also would give me the ability to do something valuable for people broadly,” he says.


He has some words of advice for up-and-coming executives: “Never compromise your sense of ethics. You always have to look at yourself in the mirror, and you never want to feel like you have to look away.”


He’s proud of the work Banner Health has done to partner with the University of Arizona to formulate long-term stability for the training of physicians.


“I’m proud of our willingness to provide services that the community needs.”


John Stewart, CEO of Sunfare

More than 10 years ago, John Stewart and his business partner, Carl Ferro, had a small nutrition consulting firm when they came upon a problem.


“Our clients were having trouble sticking to their diets because it was a ton of work,” John says.


That’s when the lightbulb went off.


“If we could make the meals for them, they’d be more likely to follow that piece of their training program.”


That idea blossomed into Sunfare, a healthy meal delivery service that now serves up to 1,000 people every day. As a pioneer in the meal delivery business, Sunfare attracts and retains its clients by focusing on meal customization.


“People have such diverse palates, and our ability to craft meals based on their tastes sets us apart,” Stewart says. “… Catering to each client’s individual needs has kept us in the game for so long.”


Sunfare positively impacts the community by regularly donating meals to local schools, charity fundraisers and homeless shelters.


Michael J. Robb, Owner of Fix24 Wellness Studio

Before he was Michael J. Robb, world-renowned chiropractic physician, he was working in the nation’s nuclear weapons production program at the Department of Energy. His unique background enables him to blend mechanical engineering with natural health care to give his patients an unparalleled experience.


“I look at the body from an engineering perspective, meaning I look at it as a whole and not just the diseased parts,” he says. “I like to see cases that other doctors have given up on. This is where I dig deep.”


His team of doctors are highly trained in the biomechanics of the human body and aim to give every patient their lives back. He donates his time educating corporations all over the U.S. about how to avoid being a victim of spinal stenosis, the No. 1 reason for back-related surgeries in the country.


A self-proclaimed “Prescott Mountain Man,” he enjoys hunting and being outdoors with his family.