Relax & Light Up 5

Cigars 101

Cigar smoking is recognized as a way to relax, and one of the finest smoking lounges in the Valley is Churchill’s Fine Cigars located off Camelback Road and 44th Street. Noted as the largest cigar store in Arizona, Churchill’s offers a wide selection of the finest cigars that include many limited and hard to find cigars from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Owner Bart Gerber, a former attorney, left the professional world to become an entrepreneur of fine cigars and spirits when he opened Churchill’s in February 1995. He has grown his business with three other locations: Ahwatukee, Glendale and Tempe.

“Churchill’s has built its reputation by offering exceptional service and the best selection of cigars in the Valley to be enjoyed in our relaxing smoking lounge or at home,” he says.

Cigars are 100 percent natural and are made from the tobacco leaf that is rolled up. Unlike cigarettes—where the tobacco is ground or shredded using scraps of the tobacco that has more than 300 chemicals in it—cigar tobacco is only the cigar leaf itself. Cigars are hand rolled with leaves that are fermented and cured. Also, when smoking a cigar, you do not inhale the smoke.

There are three primary regions where cigars are made: the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras. Cigars also come in flavors like mint, cherry and vanilla. To ensure the freshness of the cigar, they need to be kept at 70 percent humidity and are best kept in a humidor.

Winston’s Cigar Bar


Inside Churchill’s smoking lounge, you’ll discover Winston’s Cigar Bar which offers a full liquor bar with craft cocktails and beers, plus the largest selections of bourbons and single malt scotches in Arizona. Winston’s is a unique amenity to the smoking lounge as it combines the finest of spirits to be enjoyed with the finest of cigars.

Art of Cigar Smoking


Preparing the Cigar

·      Moisten the end of the cigar to be inserted in the mouth by rolling it around in your mouth.

·      Then, the end you moisten needs to be snipped off. There are three cuts you can use: guillotine cut, punch cut or cat-eye cut.



If new to cigar smoking, start with a mild cigar and work up to the stronger ones. There are three types of cigars: mild, medium and strong.

Mild Romeo Y Julieta, Monte Christo, Davidoff

Medium — Arturo Fuente, Padron

Strong — My Father, Tatuaje, Illusione


Churchill’s Fine Cigars

5041 N 44th St,

Phoenix, AZ 85018