Nina McLemore Designs

Nina McLemore has spent her life in fashion. She and her mother, who was an artist and florist, made her clothes growing up in Mississippi. They would choose fabrics, design and sew the outfits. Even at a young age, Nina wanted clothing that was more stylish and had a higher quality than those available in stores. 

Nina graduated from Louisiana State University and started as a buyer and then merchandiser. She created Liz Claiborne accessories and served on the executive committee of Liz Claiborne. She decided to become an entrepreneur and earned her MBA from Columbia University. She then founded a private equity firm and served as chair of the Center for Women’s Business Research and Fashion Group International. She is also a member of the International Women’s Forum, World President’s Organization, Women’s President’s Organization, the Committee of 200, Paradigm for Parity, the Tiffany Circle of the Red Cross and the DAR.

In 2003, Nina founded her apparel company to fill a niche for women who had powerful careers but couldn’t find attractive clothes. She’d receive calls from women who were exasperated in trying to find clothes that were flattering, fit well and were easy for travel. She also knew that no one was designing clothes for women over 40 who just wanted to look chic and elegant.

Timeless Designs

Nina believes that a first impression matters and should be one that’s confident and attractive. Her clothing collection incorporates clean lines and understated, timeless designs. The collection includes seasonal designs for business, resort, casual and evening and fits all body types from size 00 to 18.

The European fabrics used are made of natural which are luxurious and comfortable. The fabrics are seasonless and are wear-tested to assure the clothes will pack well and look fresh at the end of the day. She uses “tech” fabrics that are washable, durable, have stretch and don’t wrinkle, especially in the tops and pants. The collection is known for its vivid colors and is chosen to complement a woman’s coloring.

The Nina McLemore jackets are modern, classic designs that are understated with narrow shoulders, and have standup collars and turned back cuffs that communicate confidence and don’t have to be altered. The standup collars you’ll find on many jackets are designed to frame the face and elongate the body.

The jackets come in a variety of lengths: the Suzanne, which is a shorter, more fitted jacket; the Retro, a longer jacket covering the hips; and the Car Coat, which is an even longer jacket for a more elegant look. The pants come in four different body shapes so everyone can find one that fits. Nina has also added more dresses to the collection.

“My softly tailored jackets have been worn by corporate executives, professionals and by women who just want to wear beautiful, well-made clothes. My signature look becomes their own,” Nina says.

Giving Back     

The Nina McLemore collection contributes to fundraising that supports nonprofits that focus on women, children, education and the arts. The company donates a part of the proceeds from events to charities.

The clothes are made in New York, sold in 14 stores and by women who sell the collection privately from their homes.

Nina McLemore
The Shops Gainey Village
8787 N. Scottsdale Road, #220,
Scottsdale, Arizona