Can you smell that? (Did you actually sniff?!) Perhaps it’s the aroma of a seasonal latté or a fresh-baked apple pie. The heat is subsiding, and our cooler weather is beginning to settle in—a perfect time for our Foodie issue. Although we don’t have any “scratch-and-sniff” pages, we can provide you with a visual feast! We are print, after all!

Meet three local chefs that we queried regarding their favorite dishes. From a historical restaurant and a well-recognized brand to Facebook followings, Paradise Valley Lifestyle has targeted a few of the best. 

Remember the Billy Joel song that references, “A bottle of white, a bottle of red…” Now that I have that song in your head, want to learn more about pairing wine with that perfectly prepared dish? Check out one of the Valley’s hidden gems where the wines are always flowing.

If you’re looking to create your own masterpieces at home, we know just the person to contact for some new ideas, techniques or gadgets. You might ask yourself, “How have I not used this before?”

Maybe you’d like some fresh-picked ingredients for those recipes? We suggest a day trip to Wilcox where you can pick and gather ingredients for some homemade fall treats. Imagine the aromas wafting in the air as your home is transformed into a cozy autumn retreat. 

Perhaps you’d rather not leave home and skip the work altogether, or you don’t have time to prepare a nutritious dish. Meet a company that takes immense pride in its quality and customer service with its personalized and delivered healthy, delicious meals right to your door.

Let’s not forget about our four-legged family members. Check out some local spots where their noses can enjoy a plethora of scents while enjoying the fresh outdoors. Worry not; water is provided to keep them hydrated.

Whatever cooking “trick” you might pick up along the way or “treat” your palate might discover, may you enjoy this wonderful time of year. Get back outdoors and take advantage of all the culinary gifts we’re so fortunate to have in this area.

Happy Halloween!

Kat McMahon, Publisher