Love’n the Kitchen Talks Tools for the At-Home Chef 2

Growing up in the Midwest, Connie Kirchner, creator and owner of Love’n the Kitchen, was taught that the kitchen was the heart of the home. Her mother and grandmother prepared delicious meals from scratch, and that was a mindset that stuck with Connie.

“The kitchens in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley are breathtaking yet seem to be thought of as more of a showcase. My goal became wanting to teach others how to enjoy the art of cooking at home with their families,” she says. 

Connie started small. She began teaching moms at her child’s preschool how to make easy meals. Before she knew it, the Arizona press was writing stories about her, and Love’n the Kitchen was born. With the help of local superstar chefs like Kevin Binkley, Beau Macmillan, Lee Hillson and Vincent Guerithault debuting as her first guest chefs, Connie gained credibility in the Valley foodie scene.

Thirteen years later, Connie has built a thriving business that offers guests a large array of options in the cooking realm.

“We are the only cooking school in Arizona to be sponsored by Sub-Zero, Wolf, Challenge Dairy and more. We offer cooking clubs, guest chef events, private/custom classes and seasonal a la carte classes. In 2019, we hope to add International Food Tours and Culinary Adventures to our menu of opportunities for clients. Creating a homecooked meal really is the best way to share Love’n the Kitchen, and we make it easy and fun,” she says.


Connie shares her kitchen must haves:

  • Love Spice: A wonderful, all-purpose spice which has a base of Sea Gris French sea salt, is sugarless and hosts other proprietary blended ingredients. 
  • Spaghetti squash: Abundant in fall and easy to prepare, this squash just needs a few cuts and ten minutes or so in the microwave. Combine with your favorite pizza or pasta ingredients, or choose brown sugar and cinnamon for a fiber-rich breakfast or sweet treat.
  • Silicone-tipped tongs: This versatile gadget won’t damage cookware and helps with even cooking.
  • Kitchen shears: Specifically designed to come apart for easy cleaning, (most are dishwasher-safe), this tool trims meats, debones poultry, snips herbs and much more.
  • Pampered Chef garlic press: No need to peel the cloves of garlic; this press is so simple and fast, you can mince without any chopping. Tip: Always use fresh garlic for optimal taste and freshness.
  • Microplane: Perfect for zesting any citrus, shaving hard cheeses, grating chocolate, fresh nutmeg and even garlic, this gadget easily replaces or compliments a garlic press.

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