Get healthy meals delivered right to your door with the ease and convenience of online ordering

Food intolerance, time constraints and not knowing where to begin when starting a diet or adapting to a healthier lifestyle can leave you with meal burnout and have you reaching for the takeout menu. Instead of giving into something unhealthy, focus on an option that is good for you, your budget and your dietary needs.

Sunfare is a leading provider of healthy, personalized meals and family-style dinners. No matter what you are hoping to achieve, from weight loss to convenience, Sunfare offers a variety of foods to meet these needs and provide delicious options for your personal taste. These meals are then delivered to your door, taking the stress out of mealtime.

“With over 20 years in the game and thousands of recipes in the Sunfare database, we have an abundance of options. We have two full-time R&D chefs who find recipes that would be a good representation of our brand and meal philosophy. The meals we choose to put on the menu need to be flexible enough for us to modify with healthy ingredients and robust enough so that they can still stand up to even the most discerning client,” Communications Director John Kurtz says.

There are many factors that go into the menu options offered at Sunfare—how will they be carefully prepared, how will they plate and how will they taste. If they fall short in any category, Sunfare reworks the item to ensure the highest quality.

“Our goal is to put great food in front of people—we consider it an honor and privilege to be entrusted with people’s diets and culinary interests, and we never want to let them down,” John says.

The online ordering process at Sunfare is user-friendly and easy to navigate as well. Every client gets a unique login and password. From there, a menu outlook at a glance (a monthly view) is available, and then dailies appear as well, to focus on each delivery day and what the client will be receiving. These “order cards” allow the client to see the meal itself, along with sides and extras that are being delivered each day.

“If something doesn’t look good or you want to add to an order or change out a side, you’d click into any order’s “modify screen” and start going to work. Clients have full control over their menus, so once you’re modifying a meal, you can substitute an entree, change side dishes, update the number of people being served, rate favorite dishes, see dish modifications or add extras such as fruit, veggies, carbs, salads, desserts, deli meats and cheeses, breakfasts, entrees, kid’s meals or even dog meals!”

This mobile-friendly system means the ability to plan meals on the go, and clients are even able to call Sunfare customer service to manage meals as well.

Working with clients is key to Sunfare, and feedback is welcomed. Customer service continues to be what sets Sunfare apart.

“We’ve built the company around listening to our clients. Everything that we have to offer is a direct descendant of some piece of feedback that a client has given us over the years.  From the first day we were in business, it was a matter of responding to people’s needs and requests.”

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