Much like superheroes, the Flippin’ Switches have careers by day and turn into their rock star alter egos at night. 

Guitarist Matt Abrams, singer Daniel Dobson, bassist Scott Holtzman and drummer Jeff Siegel have played in various bands throughout the years, but are each professionals who have a passion for music and enjoy music as a hobby. Matt is even a contributing writer for They share a joy for music which has led to playing for several local charity shows, birthdays, work events and even at the Skeptical Chymist in Scottsdale.

“We bring a great crowd of people who know how to have a good time,” they said.  

Matt and Jeff have a years-long friendship since working together as doctors at HonorHealth.

“We knew we were both musicians and got to talking one day about seven years ago. Our singer, Dan Dobson, is brothers with one of Matt’s friends, and we happened to be looking for a new singer. Our former bass player took a job out of state, and when we were looking for a new bassist, we reached out to Jeff’s childhood friend from St. Louis, Scott Holtzman. Over time we became a foursome, and the rest is history. We are all pretty easygoing and just enjoy being friends,” they said.

The Flippin’ Switches say their biggest struggle comes down to the fact that they all have busy careers and finding time to get together to practice can be a challenge. It requires much independent work so that when the group time is available they can fine-tune songs. The focus has always been on fun and making others happy, so that has made it easier to bring their “A” game to the stage.

“People are taking time out of their busy lives to have a good time, and we are there to help make that happen.”

The band has set high goals for themselves with a new year beginning, including a gain in notoriety and branching out to play different events, as well as work on additional original material. They currently feature two original pieces in their sets but have more they are excited to include in upcoming shows.

Those wanting to come see the Flippin’ Switches live should visit the band on Facebook,, or on their website,


Sampling of a Set List at a Flippin’ Switches show:

“Basket Case” – Green Day

“Say It Ain’t So” – Weezer

“Lonely Boy” – The Black Keys

“Bright Lights” – Gary Clark Jr.

“Santeria” – Sublime

“Drink in My Hand” – Eric Church

“What’s My Age Again” – Blink-182