As we dive into April, we can be comforted by the amazing weather and colorful flowers in full bloom which make it easy to appreciate how beautiful our surroundings are.

I aspire to be better at embracing a “green” lifestyle. There are so many ways to incorporate an eco-friendly way of living, from recycling, buying organic goods, practicing sustainability and much more.

In this month’s issue of Paradise Valley Lifestyle, we are focusing on all things eco-friendly. Read about a local resort’s restaurant with a beautiful atmosphere and cuisine inspired by local ingredients sourced from Arizona farms and purveyors. Learn about local housing developments that aspire to be ecologically friendly to create a pleasant overall community environment. Enjoy the new botanical skincare line, Lylah Ledner, which embraces incredible all-natural products made from simple ingredients homegrown right on the property of The Simple Farm. Visit a local boutique resort with an awe-inspiring courtyard garden, complete with natural serenity and tranquil surroundings. This and so much more in this month’s issue to trigger that “green” lifestyle we seek to adapt.

I implore you, the beautiful members of Paradise Valley, to work toward living green and implementing ways to live a more eco-friendly life. You deserve it!

Be grateful, be kind and live well,


Tammy Fellows, publisher