As a little girl, my mother always taught me to be authentic, embrace who I am, stand strong and believe in myself. My father taught me that there are no limits, to follow my dreams, work hard and never give up. I am grateful for their lessons because it made me realize that ANYTHING is possible. Now more than ever it is so important to teach young women these core values. Be the example. Be strong and independent. Be passionate and don’t apologize for who you are.


For the month of May in Paradise Valley Lifestyle we are celebrating the “Ladies.” This month’s issue has been such a joy to put together. You will find inspiring stories about women in our community who are true powerhouses and examples of what is possible if you work hard and follow your dreams.


Our cover ladies inparticular embody true strength and beauty through a keen business sense and unleashed creativity. Also, a fashion designer who got her start by bringing confidence to women; making them “players in the game” through how they look and what they wear. Hear from inspiring women including a grounded and empowering CEO, a young, driven entrepreneur with raw hunger to be successful and two licensed psychotherapists who work to empower their clients by mobilizing their strengths.


We hope you enjoy this month’s issue of Paradise Valley Lifestyle as much as we do. To all the ladies out there, young and not so young with blossomed wisdom… Continue to be the amazing women you are ‘cause “baby you’re a firework”!


Be grateful, be kind and live well,


Tammy Fellows