The Sisters Chat about Working Together, Style and Their Shared Passion

Melissa Mickelson and Jessica Stellwagen are dynamic sisters and co-founders of Bodify, a boutique solely dedicated to CoolScultping. While the sisters have wildly different personalities and styles, they complement each other beautifully and have built a successful business together.

“We freeze fat,” Jessica says. “We are the No. 1 CoolSculpting provider in Arizona, the No. 4 account in the nation and have a ManCave. Men have fat too, right?”

Melissa tags Jessica as the quick start for all their projects. Jessica says her sister is the contemplative one who thinks before she jumps.

“I always laugh saying if I was in this business by myself, it would never get off the ground, and if Jessica owned it by herself, it would take off but then burst into flames,” Melissa says.

“At the end of the day, we both lead with heart and come from an authentic and genuine place,” Jessica says.

Their fashion sense is as different as their personalities. Melissa says her sister is low-maintenance, and on a typical day, she’d reach for scrubs or jeans. Jessica describes her sister’s style as annoyingly good.

“She effortlessly puts things together, and they work,” Jessica says. “Whenever we travel together, I pack nothing and ask her to borrow all the cute stuff. Her house is elegant and beautiful, and she pays close attention to details. It’s the same at Bodify.”

Despite their differences, they agree about how much they mean to each other as sisters and co-workers. They laugh, finish each other’s sentences and have complete trust in each other. They’re also passionate about their work.

“We always wanted to own a business together. Our passions never collided until CoolSculpting,” Jessica says. “Nothing makes me happier than helping people shift their self-perception and confidence. The world needs people who uplift.”

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