Do you remember as a kid when your parents would say two, three, sometimes even four names before they got your name right? Well I seem to have joined that club years ago. Why, you ask? Take a look at the photo above. With four active boys plus the dog, things can get … well, let’s just say it’s a bit like a three-ring circus. In all seriousness, our home is full of energetic fun and laughter. From ages 15 to 7, my boys bring so much love and pleasure into our world. Oh, and let’s not forget our favorite 14-year-old fur baby, Ace, who truly is my shadow. 

Others may call it chaos, but we call it family!

The August issue of Paradise Valley Lifestyle is focused on all things kids and pets! Children of all ages and animals bring so much joy to our lives, which is why we want to celebrate them this month. 

Take our cover story, for instance. It’s a truly inspiring read about a beautiful little girl who has battled cancer and is now a role model for other children who struggle with this horrifying disease. We also showcase Miss Paradise Valley’s Outstanding Teen. Plus, learn how the Arizona Humane Society helps families looking to bring new fur babies into their lives, plus all about the other amazing programs they have. You will also get a peek into an adorable new boutique, Maple, which opened up with the cutest children’s clothing—perfect little ensembles for any occasion.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Paradise Valley Lifestyle, and don’t forget to hold tight all those little loves in your lives!

Be grateful, be kind and live well,

Tammy Fellows